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Discovered:17/10 -2015 06:27:47

Ended:17/10 -2015 10:35:35

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[_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)00:11:07 No.2928883

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)00:29:37 No.2928895

  What's the soundtrack to this?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)00:50:59 No.2928908

  Global rule 3, you dumb fuck. God damn you furfags are stupid.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:14:48 No.2928935

  looks like jerry from rick and morty

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:16:02 No.2928937

  no one follows rule 3. rule 3 prohibits flaming and trolling as well. you pretty much just broke
  rule 3 yourself by calling OP a stupid furfag. soooo.... who's dumb now?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:19:36 No.2928943

  >you pretty much just broke rule 3 yourself by calling OP a stupid furfag.
  Doesn't apply to insulting furfags. :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:29:08 No.2928953


  You know, when this was originally released sometime last year, and posted repeatedly just the
  same as anything minus8 has ever made, nobody bitched about the furry nature of this flash. It's
  only after YOU arrived that people started bitching about this.

  You either deal with it, or post a better flash. You can make /f/ a "better" place if you really
  wanted to by posting different content. Stop throwing a tantrum on the ground like a 5 year old
  and do something about it instead.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:35:24 No.2928955

  >It's only after YOU arrived that people started bitching about this.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:53:23 No.2928979


  Hide behind your reaction images and once ironic emoticons, young one. These constitute
  everything that gives you any sort of value, as you would otherwise rot alone in mediocrity and

  But rejoice! Because senpai has noticed you today, and who knows if tomorrow you'll still awaken
  with an internet service or device for us to acknowledge your existence.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:54:00 No.2928980

  It's furfriday you fucking newfags

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)01:57:06 No.2928983

  >actually being this upset
  Holy shit, that's fucking hilarious.
  >"m-muh furry porn"
  Go to that other chan if you want a flash board that allows furshit.

  That's a dank one.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)02:33:09 No.2929014

  Been coming to 4chan since late 2004 and Furry Friday was a thing even then, broski. I am not the
  oldest of the oldfags by far, but the anon you are talking to is correct in that Fridays are
  traditionally when furshit gets dropped on /b/ and /f/. It isn't done with anywhere near the
  frequency it once was done though so I can understand you not knowing any better.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)02:40:16 No.2929022

  Regardless, doesn't make it right. Keep that shit on /b/. But I guess that's rocket science, huh?

  >implying you can't link to swfchan on /b/

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)02:47:28 No.2929029

  Shut up anon, fur has been here forever

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)02:49:28 No.2929030

  Like I said, that doesn't make it right. You can link to swfchan on /b/, you know.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)02:57:58 No.2929038

  >nowhere near 100+ replies
  I'm disappointed in you /f/.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)02:58:49 No.2929042

  Furries are the vocal minority of 4chan. Remember that.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)03:04:48 No.2929049


  So, let me get this straight:

  - You were given alternatives to deal with something you didn't feel comfortable with, but
  instead you blatantly rejected them in favor of getting to act like a child
  - You were given insight and educated by two different anons on board culture, but you dismissed
  them since it presents a conflict with your own stance on the subject, while being a
  passive-aggressive princess who commands the website to adjust itself to your own personal taste

  I must confess. When I joined this cesspool back in 2010, I was just like you. I made so many
  stupid threads on every board that pertained to my interests, with the hopes of changing them
  into something I wanted. Fortunately, I learned early on (after being shot down and temporarily
  banned several times), that in order for me to have a good time, I would either have to:

  - Embrace 4chan and all of its boards for what they are
  - Contribute to the community with something that promotes yet not imposes a different mindset
  - Simply leave the website and go to a generic online forum with strict rules and heavy moderation

  This cannot be expressed in a more clear way: whining and bitching will not get you anywhere.
  Post a better flash instead.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)03:14:45 No.2929058

  So are normies; what is your point?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)03:32:43 No.2929065

  >Global Rule 3 prohibits Rule 34

  top kek

>> [_] Anonymous 10/17/15(Sat)04:35:10 No.2929090

  Reading this thread made me sad.
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