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[_] /r/ the animated flash of chick being a slut and buff nerd saying no Anonymous
09/22/15(Tue)02:12:17 No.2909975

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)02:40:53 No.2909984

  I like this flash

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)02:58:01 No.2909996

  You mean you like Demo D

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)04:20:59 No.2910034

  I love it

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)07:40:43 No.2910087

  fucking everything demo does is 10/10

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)08:16:07 No.2910093

  he's literally weeaboo pewdiepie

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)08:29:21 No.2910102

  except not retarded, and doesnt yell at shit. Legitimately i believe he does everything he wants
  to do regardless of viewers. (much like his who won last season anime shit which involved him
  saying at first death parade, then a extremely random band-oriented one as the actual winner).
  shit just hits home and is funny.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)10:12:05 No.2910120

  i started watching etotama not long ago and it's boring as shit
  haven't gone past episode 2

  anyone else seen it? does it get any better? should i keep watching?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/22/15(Tue)11:30:33 No.2910134

  he sucks evangelion's dick a little too hard, but hes funny at least.
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