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[_] merry christmas faggots Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:01:45 No.2984485

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:04:37 No.2984489


>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:10:52 No.2984497

  Youtube or other Source any1?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:12:48 No.2984500

  I really need to get my shit together, simple google search for "im han solo, dance game" = got

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:14:40 No.2984502

  I ain't even mad.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:19:34 No.2984505

  just when I thought I'd made it through the year without considering suicide…

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:33:11 No.2984517

  nobody escapes the ice cold hands of death, my friend :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)01:57:26 No.2984533

  Goddamn Stockholm syndrome. Every time this gets posted, I listen to it longer.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)02:01:29 No.2984536

  I liked it the first time I heard it. It's a good song.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)02:21:43 No.2984543

  Dunkey why

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)02:31:30 No.2984548

  for anyone who doesn't understand what I mean.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)02:33:29 No.2984552

  not even mad

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)02:34:58 No.2984554

  looks like han solo beat you to it.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)03:01:14 No.2984567

  a punctured han solo/10

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)03:06:24 No.2984568

  I hate this song but I'm still compelled to listen to it for the line 'I'm sooo happy the
  carbonite is gone'.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)03:19:57 No.2984573


>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)03:42:17 No.2984580

  >the pain is gone

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)03:45:45 No.2984582

  The ghosts 'n' stuff one with darth vader and the emperor is pretty sweet tho

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)04:01:02 No.2984586

  smooth as butter yo

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)05:12:51 No.2984601

  >that dagobah dump
  Holy kek

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)05:15:00 No.2984602

  Sooner or later everyone in the Outer Rim comes gunnin' for me!

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)06:06:36 No.2984612

  This is why he dies in The Force Awakens

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)06:11:06 No.2984614

  yeah his son Kylo Ren just couldn't handle the embarrassment and Rey needed to find another dance
  partner and she found Luke skywalker

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)06:26:13 No.2984618

  Reminder that autists got mad at this.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)06:38:46 No.2984622

  This is all a set up. Disney, yuo genius!

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)06:51:27 No.2984623


>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)07:17:25 No.2984627

  I'm actually the opposite of mad.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)07:25:50 No.2984628

  Joseph sama !

>> [_] Anonymous 12/25/15(Fri)07:33:58 No.2984629

  Han YOLO
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