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>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)17:17 No.27271 OP P1


7.1.1 Patch Notes

- The Yuelia Winter Solstice event (with minigame and sex scenes) is now in game! It starts on

Bug Fixes / Balance
- Futa Demoness should now work correctly
- The feral demon in slot 5 should show up correctly now
- Various visual fixes on: feral catguy faces, feral dickwolf leg/eye, feral elf mouth, feral
holstaurus hair+facecolors, regular catgirl hair, futa holstaurus' penis, catgirlxbreeder squarts
- The gallery is less dumb

[IMG] BreedingSeason7.1.1.swf (16.58 MiB)
960x720, Compressed. 2 frames, 28 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)17:24 No.27272 A P2R1

omg who cares?

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)17:43 No.27274 B P3R2

That comment is the sole reason that >>>27245 was written in the first place.

The ending spoiled itself.

>> Anonymous 29jan2016(fr)03:18 No.27291 C P4R3

Insert amount after the dot.

>> Anonymous 31jan2016(su)20:49 No.28364 D P5R4

Just a few questions : -When did the development start?
-When is the game supposed to come out for good?
-How much money did they already get in donations?

>> Anonymous 31jan2016(su)23:54 No.28370 E P6R5

Thanks anon

>> Anonymous 31jan2016(su)23:54 No.28371 E P7

npcaffection.(npc name in lower case).(amount)

>> Anon 1feb2016(mo)21:17 No.28383 F P8R6


what are all the monster types in this game, Harpy, Stallion, Etc

>> Anonymous 1feb2016(mo)21:18 No.28384 G P9R7

They get 31k per month and the "development" has been since 2 years I think.

>> Anonymous 2feb2016(tu)17:42 No.28413 H P10R8

Gallery code is dumbgallerycode

still nothing to be excited for tho

>> Anonymous 2feb2016(tu)20:35 No.28422 I P11R9

7.2 is out, someone grab it.

>> Anonymous 2feb2016(tu)21:30 No.28424 B P12R10

I only take orders from OR-5 or up faggot.
Go get it yourself.

>> OR-5 3feb2016(we)03:14 No.28433 J P13R11

Grab it

Grab it pls.

>> Anonymous 3feb2016(we)03:48 No.28434 E P14R12

They splited BS swf. I think it's impossible to post on swfchan now.

>> Anonymous 3feb2016(we)16:59 No.28448 K P15R13

Nobody will stop you from posting +20 files just for one game.

>> Anonymousé 4feb2016(th)20:39 No.28472 L P16R14

Very accurate autist breeding simulation.

>> Anonymous 6feb2016(sa)02:20 No.28504 E P17R15

Any good comrade disposed to share 7.2?

>> Anonymous 7feb2016(su)22:45 No.28549 M P18R16

Why is it called version 7.1.1 if it's obviously not even close to being finished? Don't these
idiots understand semantic versioning at all?

>> Anonymous 8feb2016(mo)01:20 No.28555 N P19R17

all they need to understand is how to bilk idiots out of their money, and they've got that on lock

>> Anonymous 9feb2016(tu)04:53 No.28594 O P20R18

So where is it going to be hosted now that the swf is split?

>> Anonymous 9feb2016(tu)06:32 No.28601 E P21R19

>> Anonymous 9feb2016(tu)15:50 No.28611 P P22R20

Thank you.

>> Anonymous 9feb2016(tu)16:51 No.28612 Q P23R21

Split files are fine, but is anyone able to acquire the main index file as the original
pre-projectored swf for those of us who just do not run exe files from anonymous boards?

>> Anonymous 2mar2016(we)11:06 No.29414 R P24R22

7.3 is up

New animations apparently.

>> Anonymous 2mar2016(we)13:04 No.29417 S P25R23


>> Anonymous 2mar2016(we)14:04 No.29418 T P26R24

>New animations apparently.
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they just reintroduced animations that were removed

>> Anonymous 2mar2016(we)16:05 No.29420 B P27R25

>us who just do not run exe files from anonymous boards?
That's just sad...

>> Anonymous 2mar2016(we)23:17 No.29437 A P28R26

This thread getting bumped is sad. Yeah, I know I just did it too.

>> Anonymous 3mar2016(th)02:55 No.29444 U P29R27

cant load my game and when i start a new one i get a white page :/

>> Anonymous 4mar2016(fr)01:30 No.29498 E P30R28

>> Anonymous 4mar2016(fr)01:30 No.29499 E P31

BS 7.3

>> Anonymous 4mar2016(fr)02:41 No.29500 E P32

Can someone post this in mediafire or another site that doesn't sucks?

>> Anonymous 4mar2016(fr)23:59 No.29571 V P33R29

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