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[_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)10:31:11 No.2980320

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)10:34:04 No.2980322

  rip sweet prince

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)10:37:55 No.2980325

  rip? Who dies?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)10:38:22 No.2980326

  Open the door, get on the floor, Hans Solo dies in the force awakens

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)10:42:58 No.2980328

  >The pain is gone


>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)10:50:37 No.2980330

  guaranteed replies

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:01:49 No.2980332

  oh boy I can't wait to see the movie
  oh wait... I've already been to /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:05:10 No.2980334

  >watching propaganda
  I still haven't seen that new Mad Max because /tv/ and /pol/ told me not to.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:10:04 No.2980335

  what are you actually trying to achieve by not watching Mad Max?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:13:25 No.2980336

  I don't feel like watching this movie anymore.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:43:57 No.2980346

  >Not watching something because some racists on a East Timorian paper airplane board told you not

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:44:05 No.2980347

  It's a good movie.
  It's just not a particularly good Mad Max movie.
  Still not as bad as Thunderdome.
  Rent it, or steal it, or something.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:51:53 No.2980350


  It's a great movie. Not sure what they have decided is a 'Mad Max film' to them, but don't let
  the rage machine decide for you.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)11:54:50 No.2980351


  But who was phone?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)12:13:51 No.2980358

  I wish when harrison ford actually dies this would be posted on /b/ all month

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)12:18:08 No.2980361

  >Still not as bad as Thunderdome.
  Not that guy but what is wrong with thunderdome?
  It's the only Mad Max I haven't seen and I'm wondering if it's worth watching.
  The 1st Mad Max is my favorite btw

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)15:01:31 No.2980416

  >the pain is gone


>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)15:25:49 No.2980423

  The first half is really good. The second half gets really goofy, with shit like the little kids
  and the train and everybody suddenly goofing around with antique clothes and stuff out of nowhere.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)15:41:56 No.2980429

  starwars has always been nothing more than mediocre

  Why it is so big as it is i will never understand

  Oh and han solo gets stabbed by his son who is the villian

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:06:31 No.2980437


>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:10:04 No.2980439

  I'm so haaaaappy
  the carbonite is gone~

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:15:18 No.2980441

  they went for that father/son shit again?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:23:46 No.2980446

  The third death star is destroyed when it's main reactor is blown up

  I wish I were joking...

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:28:36 No.2980451

  >trash compactor
  >not a scratch

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:38:54 No.2980456

  >Why it is so big as it is i will never understand
  of course not, you can't comprehend being wrong

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:41:47 No.2980458

  You can actually see how fat is the guy playing, on the score

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:48:04 No.2980462

  at least he's playing something that burns calories

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:49:30 No.2980463

  Plot armor was too old.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:49:43 No.2980464

  Can one of you's post corruption of champions please?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:51:00 No.2980465

  just go to his site, he could use the hits.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:55:47 No.2980467

  They went for the same formula, but this one made... "more sense".
  They had to contain a massive amount of energy, and they destroyed the containment mechanisms,
  the oscillator or whatever.

  Same fuckign shit with another pretty name, yes, but it was not THAT shameless.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)16:57:39 No.2980472

  >but it was not THAT shameless.
  Yeah, it had the decency to put a band aid over its pussy.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)17:01:23 No.2980473

  You do know how much he gets paid every month by Patreon right?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)17:05:05 No.2980475

  It appeases the Japanese audience.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)17:15:19 No.2980483

  no and I don't care he needs more money

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)17:27:33 No.2980487


>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)17:30:37 No.2980489

  Ikr? Those are some sweet moves

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)17:38:43 No.2980494

  oh jantran...

>> [_] Anonymous 12/19/15(Sat)18:21:02 No.2980514

  Han was already dead
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