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[_] Anonymous 12/31/15(Thu)18:21:29 No.2988999

  for the new year

>> [_] Anonymous 12/31/15(Thu)18:53:42 No.2989015

  Nice playlist, and nice trips, bro! Happy new year for you.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/31/15(Thu)20:46:22 No.2989065

  I still get the chills every time I hear the Lance & Red battle theme. Thanks for that.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/31/15(Thu)21:35:39 No.2989083

  >not naming it vip-source.swf
  Also tested, this is NOT a local version: It will not work unless you post it to 4chan or
  someplace else first. Or load it from the actual website.

  Here are the links for everything. The files are stored as m4a files because the site owner likes
  m4a files. First link is the repository for all the files, second is the player which plays them.
  If you just want to listen, then use this. You can't download the files through the player, in
  that instance you have to go to the first link provided.

  Source: This version. Original tracks only, no remixes. Includes 8bit.

  Mellow: Chill tracks with a rain shower in the background.

  VIP: The original version

  Exiled: Songs which were either in the playlist and removed or were never in the playlist to
  begin with.

  There's also a weeb playlist for weebs and a playlist of movie themes,
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