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[_] Want sauce newfriends? Anonymous 12/10/15(Thu)06:10:52 No.2973771

  To find sources of flashs, you have to go to and search the title. When you
  find the flash (actually if, because people rename shit), go to it's page and click one of the
  names listed. From there, you can click "GET FILE >" to play it. Just above that button is
  "WIKI". Click on it. It'll take you to an archive of threads for the flash. Use the "find"
  function of your browser and search things "source", "sauce", "music", "anime", etc. and hope
  what you're looking for has been mentioned.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/10/15(Thu)06:28:52 No.2973776

  buggy as fuck
  lags every 2 seconds and doesn't work when embedded

  So disappointing :[

>> [_] Anonymous 12/10/15(Thu)06:34:30 No.2973780

  I forgot to mention something. For threads that have "end of preview" under them, you have to
  click the randomized string of letters above "ARCHIVED" and to the left of the thread link to see
  the whole thread.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/10/15(Thu)07:39:52 No.2973801

  >actually if, because people rename shit
  swfchan saves all names a flash has ever had and when you search for a flash name it will display
  all flashes that have ever had that name.

  Also, you can just click wiki on the search results page.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/10/15(Thu)08:29:45 No.2973815

  yeah, AMM kinda broke the thing with the intro :(, just get the older versions without it (by

  Protip: The number one name with the most uses doesn't always have to be the original proper
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