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This is resource GHSNB6U, an Active Thread.
Discovered:8/4 -2016 00:48:54

Updated:29/4 -2017 17:38:12

Checked:29/4 -2017 17:38:12

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Recognized format: Yes, thread post count is 13.
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>> Anonymous 8apr2016(fr)00:15 No.31363 OP P1

Yes, there's porn in it.
Well, a pair of naked breasts at least.

[IMG] adventure.swf (1.38 MiB)
700x400, Compressed. 1323 frames, 12 fps (01:50).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 8apr2016(fr)00:36 No.31364 A P2R1

As if a pair of naked breasts alone is enough to qualify it as /fap/.
Hell, OP you didn't even mark it as a /h/ game.
This is clearly not meant to be fapped to, stop trying to be edgy.

>> Anonymous 8apr2016(fr)02:17 No.31368 B P3R2

Fuck you, OP. Fuck you.

>> Anonymous 8apr2016(fr)04:52 No.31371 C P4R3


>> Anonymous 8apr2016(fr)09:55 No.31376 D P5

As much as I love this game, it does not belong on /fap/

>> Anonymous #MOD# 8apr2016(fr)12:55 No.31384 SWF P6R4

Moved to /gg/.

>> Anonymous 9apr2016(sa)02:20 No.31418 A P7R5


>> Anonymous 9apr2016(sa)11:31 No.31425 F P8R6

should really rename this to manticore.swf

>> Anonymous 9apr2016(sa)15:28 No.31430 G P9R7

How do I even get to the naked breasts anyway?

>> Anonymous 9apr2016(sa)18:26 No.31433 H P10R8

if I see that fucking manticore one more time

>> Anonymous 9apr2016(sa)21:44 No.31439 I P11R9

a few weeks ago he was actively looking for mods to reduce his workload.

>> Anonymous 10apr2016(su)01:06 No.31446 A P12R10

I must say old bean. I'm quite astonished of your claim. Been lurking here all the time and I never
saw an announcement or anything like that...
But yeah.
That's okay.......It's not like I would have wanted to be a mod......NOT AT ALL.

>> Anonymous 22apr2016(fr)13:35 No.32033 J P13R11

You need the Acrobat ending.
Not worth the effort.

I second this.
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