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Discovered:6/7 -2016 12:29:23

Ended:6/7 -2016 19:59:28

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[_] why x38 when you can x40 Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)06:23:00 No.3110114

  feels good

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)06:58:56 No.3110122

  >remade from scratch by AMM
  closed tab

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)09:55:32 No.3110142

  >Allow to store information on your computer?
  Is this a virus?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)10:18:45 No.3110144

  every AMM flash has a tracking device that sends your IP to her website so she can see how many
  times people opened her flashes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)11:42:52 No.3110159

  No, it stores how long you've played each song in total; make the window a bit bigger and press
  "stats" on the left.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)11:46:39 No.3110160

  Saying "it sends the IP" is like saying someone will get your phone number of you call them.
  Besides, look at the network requests, the domain is dead.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)13:49:19 No.3110186

  someone will get your phone number if you call them...

>> [_] Anonymous 07/06/16(Wed)13:55:41 No.3110188

  in this day and age I guess it's a little more accurate to say that saying it sends your ip is
  like saying calling someone without caller ID will automatically make their phone print out your
  phone number for them to keep
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