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[_] Anonymous 05/01/16(Sun)23:01:16 No.3073248

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 05/01/16(Sun)23:25:27 No.3073266

  from back when Star Wars wasn't lame

>> [_] Anonymous 05/01/16(Sun)23:32:51 No.3073274

  I never bothered to watch the guy playing this in the corner of the screen. God, is he baaaaad.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)00:57:05 No.3073331

  Your son is the villain and you have to kill him or nuke the New Republic.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)01:08:31 No.3073341


  Its jontron

>> [_] Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)02:39:21 No.3073373

  more like before it became "inclusive" to the point instead of getting good actors they just
  picked whoever looked "diverse", that and the story is written by and for actual downies

>> [_] Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)03:40:19 No.3073408

  it's super politically correct now and disney make sure to show how stronk girls are.

  it was horrible, the negro wasn't even allowed to hold her hand. pathetic excuse of a movie, felt
  really forced to please SJW. no, girls are not as strong as men, get over it already people.

  and that's ignoring that the plot is an exact copy of the first star wars movie. mark my words,
  star wars will only get worse and worse from here on

>> [_] Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)03:46:42 No.3073411

  it should have died after the 70's

>> [_] Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)04:40:33 No.3073429

  not gonna lie but >this

  just like T3 went full homo

  at least that one survived the 90's
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