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[_] OC 4 ONCE vipper 04/25/16(Mon)17:26:21 No.3069269

  just because i'm real glad to not see sugar baby

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)17:33:16 No.3069272

  A brand new flash was born today.
  What are the clips from?

>> [_] vipper 04/25/16(Mon)17:40:12 No.3069278

  video's from Five Easy Pieces
  source itself is
  ElFamosoDemon makes some fancy things

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)17:51:30 No.3069282

  >youtuberips are considered OC
  I don't think so Tim

>> [_] vipper 04/25/16(Mon)18:04:42 No.3069286

  it's true

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)18:14:47 No.3069289

  The Famous Daemon

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)18:16:21 No.3069291

  welcome to /f/ in the year 2016

  though I do like this one.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)18:25:40 No.3069299


  There's no original content here, you just converted someone else's content into a different file
  format without a single original change.
  It's like me taking someone's jpg artwork, converting it to a .gif so I can upload it on /wsg/
  and saying "HEY LOOK AT MY OC I MADE THIS"

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)18:27:33 No.3069300


  i would like to see just the guy pulling some white stuff out of his nose and reverse in loop
  with the same fine music

>> [_] vipper 04/25/16(Mon)18:34:49 No.3069304

  Yeah pretty much.

  You made this?
  I made this.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/25/16(Mon)19:09:57 No.3069328

  holy shit I know that bridge! that's the train bridge across the Siuslaw river on Highway 126.

  I gotta watch this movie now, it was filmed in my backyard
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