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This is resource GYHKC27, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:30/9 -2016 02:57:32

Ended:30/9 -2016 09:18:40

Checked:30/9 -2016 12:22:15

File: thisismyonlychancetoaskforhelpicanonlypostoneflashayearpleasesendhelpto22bayparkavdu
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[_] Anonymous 09/29/16(Thu)20:55:10 No.3155666

>> [_] Anonymous 09/29/16(Thu)20:57:36 No.3155668

  Come on you can finish the address at least.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/29/16(Thu)22:00:15 No.3155689

  This shit is fire.

>> [_] Former Ryder Club Vice President !T/nuP8UdCs 09/29/16(Thu)22:44:12 No.3155706

  Satan as much as I like harsh noise remakes as much as the other anon you need to at least more

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)00:13:34 No.3155732

  With an intensely satanized version of the real sugar baby, I'm not really sure whether or not
  the world is better off without you

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)00:58:46 No.3155750

  the title of this post is awesome

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)01:55:32 No.3155771

  This is the most terrifying flash I've ever seen

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:16:32 No.3155778

  >>3155666Where is duls!?!?!?

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:18:44 No.3155780

  Who is corrupted!?!?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:18:52 No.3155781


>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:23:17 No.3155787

  How do we know its MN? I mean that's all very strange but MN is pretty specific. Hell there's a
  Duluth 30 mins away from me and I live in GA.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:23:59 No.3155788


>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:24:40 No.3155789

  Thirty minutes you say...ATL?
  Robins anon here.

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:27:14 No.3155793

  Atl indeed. That being said I don't like "duls" stands for duluth.

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:28:15 No.3155794


>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:29:50 No.3155795

  Yeah, it is a long shot to say the least.
  But I wouldn't know what else to look for as far as a city starting with "duls" if it even is a
  They cover the convoluted name game well in that thread.

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:31:52 No.3155796

  I'm searching US cities alphabetically, see what I can come up with.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:34:16 No.3155799

  God speed anon, god speed.
  I just got off of a 10hr shift, so I'm gonna keep monitoring this thread for a little while, then
  pass out.
  Let me know if you find anything interesting.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:36:17 No.3155801

  Where do you work that exhausts you so much?

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:39:17 No.3155802

  I found a possible match.

  no bay park ave though...

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:41:25 No.3155804

  Maybe it's near a bay? Or park bay ave?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:42:59 No.3155806

  Work on base, fix planes.
  Speaking of which, tell your friends, Airshow this weekend, come see jets fly and planes and
  other things... wheee, yaaayyy... Bleh.

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:45:00 No.3155808

  Why would I drive all the way there ew D:

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:47:17 No.3155810

  Thunder birds are preforming?
  Meh, I wouldn't personally. Though I'm biased because I work on jets, and they are a pain in the
  I will admit, they are pretty cool to watch, and the feeling the sonic boom does is pretty

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:49:23 No.3155812

  I saw thems when I was a kid at an army navy game I believe.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:53:46 No.3155815

  There's also an A-10(warthog) HH-60 (helicopter with minigun), B-1 Bomber, and a few other misc.

  If you're into planes I guess it would be neat.
  Any luck on other cities?

>> [_] Dropboxes In the Toilet 09/30/16(Fri)02:55:10 No.3155817

  No, it's pretty fruitless. Sure this thread is just troll, but then again it's also 4chan so you
  never know :>

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)02:56:40 No.3155818

  This has been posted a few times that I've seen, but like I said, they change the flash each time.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)03:14:45 No.3155827

  Save OP before his Satan trips consume him. :(
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