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This is resource ASBMCPP, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:25/10 -2016 03:58:12

Ended:25/10 -2016 10:00:14

Checked:25/10 -2016 11:19:31

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File: 𝓑𝓔 𝓡𝓔𝓐𝓛.swf-(8.45 MB, 1280x720, Loop)
[_] >>3167100 Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)21:57:32 No.3167109

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)22:04:36 No.3167116


>> [_] Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)22:57:53 No.3167133

  Thank you Anon. This is my favorite flash and it makes my day every time I see someone repost it.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)23:03:55 No.3167139

  I just don't get it

  I enjoy a great many things I don't get

  But I neither get nor enjoy this

>> [_] Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)23:30:21 No.3167156

  Eccojams is my shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)23:50:55 No.3167163

  It's not something you 'get'. You feel it at a deeper emotional level. It's the sensation of
  becoming one with the flash and developing a true understanding.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/24/16(Mon)23:58:43 No.3167167

  It's like Gondola.
  You get it or you don't.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/25/16(Tue)02:39:41 No.3167236

  Oh I know, I enjoy the music
  Gondola is my shit bro
  Like I said, I like Gondola, which can be considered to be pretty out there, and if Gondola was
  put in place of Kevin, it would make perfect sense

  But why Kevin? Why THAT Kevin? Unlike Gondola, there's no backstory, no context, it's not even
  the retarded 3D model kevin [s4s] likes to use

  I'm just confused more than anything.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/25/16(Tue)02:49:59 No.3167240


  Because Kevin was all about 'being real' and not a dork man

>> [_] Anonymous 10/25/16(Tue)02:58:36 No.3167244

  oh damn

  it hit me senpai

>> [_] Anonymous 10/25/16(Tue)03:12:26 No.3167253


>> [_] Anonymous 10/25/16(Tue)03:58:22 No.3167272

  It's an etude in matching focus and color palette. There might be a thematic reason for choosing
  this character and song or it might be nonsense.
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