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>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)15:01 No.43082 OP P1


[IMG] tmp_27161-1483700385.ctrl-z_untitled-1-1148638582.swf (886.9 KiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 57 frames, 60 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)19:44 No.43087 A P2R1

Well, ctrl-z's flash is ruined.
The hype was fun while it lasted.

>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)21:20 No.43089 B P3R2

I think its not from the upcoming game, just something he made in the side.

Im correct, right? right?

>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)21:29 No.43090 C P4R3

No clue, does the artist have a blog or something?

>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)22:08 No.43091 D P5R4

That's a highly advanced angle for scat porn.

>> Anonymous 7jan2017(sa)01:58 No.43097 B P6R5

ctrl-z on furaffinity.

>> Anonymous 7jan2017(sa)20:03 No.43115 E P7R6

"I knew some people were going to be racist about it, which is exactly why I put this type of stuff
in it.

Not my problem if skin color bothers them. "

>> Anonymous 7jan2017(sa)22:54 No.43117 A P8R7

There's literally "" written on this.
This IS racist... the worst kind fo racist: white cuck racist.

>> Anonymous 7jan2017(sa)23:27 No.43118 F P9R8

inb4 white skin edit.

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)01:50 No.43119 G P10R9

inb4 no one cares

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)02:02 No.43120 H P11R10

>its another artist doesn't take advantage of how easy it is for flash to let player swap skin tone
on the self insert from brown/yellow/pink but instead puts in brown skin when 50% of his audience
are probably Asian and the remaining 49% are white guys episode

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)06:33 No.43127 I P12R11


>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)07:03 No.43128 B P13R12

I just thought it wasnt from the gamme because of the "banner" on the right bottom corner and
because I thought the male character was the same during the entire game, considering that that was
the case in ST 2.

I dont care about skin color, but this did look different compared to the rest of his work in the
last flash and previews for the upcoming one.

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)07:49 No.43131 J P14R13

Vanilla is extra stuff on the side. Many people might not even run into this scene to begin with
because its one of many that will be somewhat hidden on a set path. There are black guys in it
because I did know what to do with Vanilla outside of simply fucking and sucking. Thus, we got
Vanilla and chocolate.

In the original its "Nigged" but it was changed for the sample because of uncertainty of what is
allowed at furaffinity. Im biracial, black and white. I don't see it as cucking or pathetic white
male fantasy. Its simply interacial, or species in this case, sex.

A /ss/ scene was already taken with a different character and would of been perfect for a MILF
character but I'm going with this instead.

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)09:11 No.43134 B P15R14

ST3 is gonna have a scene select menu like ST2?

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)09:17 No.43135 K P16R15

It's awful to condemn a person to by a biracial since it would not have racial awareness.

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)09:43 No.43136 J P17R16


Its planned to have 3 different scene selects accessed by cheats. Not sure if I'm going to make one
big list of scenes yet. I want people to explore a bit and come back to it later to find something

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)10:02 No.43137 L P18R17


That's cool. I was really impressed with the number of scenes in the last one. Also, as much as I
love big tits and asses, it would be nice to see a more petite character in there. I guess since
Cream already has big tits canonically it would have to be some other character...

Either way, looking forward to the flash.

>> Anonymous 8jan2017(su)13:18 No.43138 M P19R18


Niggad, please.

>> Anonymous 13jan2017(fr)00:34 No.43261 C P20R19

Every time I see interracial porn now, I think of the game Rust.

It randomly perma-generates characters for Steam accounts, and doesn't let people change what they
get. Some large swath of people start as naked black guys forever, and there's a game skin to turn
the starting rock tool into a small watermelon.

The lengths people will go to in order to look more-PC-than-thou...

>> Anonymous 13jan2017(fr)05:57 No.43267 N P21R20

This just in, black people are nonexistent on chan sites just because we've learned not to respond
to the people shit talking our race.

>> Anonymous 13jan2017(fr)12:56 No.43270 D P22R21

t. White guy pretending to be a nigger.

>> Anonymous 14jan2017(sa)06:29 No.43290 N P23R22

u 2 rite bruh

>> Anonymous 16jan2017(mo)06:14 No.43348 O P24R23

Remove nigger. Can someone upload a fixed version of this?

>> Anonymous 16jan2017(mo)09:16 No.43353 J P25R24

Sounds like most of you want even more black dicks.

Think I will add some more.

>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)01:27 No.43370 P P26R25

A small part of the internet, that of which barely matters, doesn't like what I've made?!


>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)04:24 No.43374 O P27R26

All niggers must hang.

>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)11:14 No.43378 Q P28R27

damn y'all mad as fuck you should make the pc black by default

>> Anonymous 27jan2017(fr)05:22 No.43608 R P29R28

Why don't you guys ignore it instead of giving it publicity?

>> Anonymous 27jan2017(fr)17:20 No.43635 S P30

says the guy who didn't sage the thread

>> Anonymous 3feb2017(fr)00:40 No.43776 T P31R29

> white cucks

fucking everywhere, THEY'RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE

>> Anonymous 3feb2017(fr)09:09 No.43778 R P32R30

Why would I? I'm not bothered by the flash. In fact, I'm more bothered by the stupidity of people
bitching about this and not saging/ignoring it.
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