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File: 博麗的生活_fix.swf-(5.43 MB, 512x384, Japanese)
[_] Yet more Yoeko Anonymous 01/10/17(Tue)18:27:00 No.3199906

  Since someone wanted to know, here's the process I've followed for fixing these:
  First, make sure the problem is the flash version by opening the file with an older version.
  To get an old flash player working, get the wanted version from here:
  Then install and move NPSWF32.dll from firefox/plugins to firefox/browser/plugins. No idea if
  these work with chrome.
  As for the right version at least for what I've tried, flash 6 has worked for everything the
  current version wouldn't.

  Once you've made sure of that, fire up JPEXS open the flash on it and export to fla by clicking
  on the button with the big red f. Make sure to select the version of adobe flash you'll be
  working with, I use CS5 myself since some anon here said it actually has more features than the
  newer versions. Also extracting it as an uncompressed .xfl seemed to break less stuff when I was
  working with Pitan.swf, but I didn't do a very thorough check and I don't really know what the
  difference between the two is so it might be pointless.

  Now open the file with adobe flash and compile it to swf by clicking on file>export>movie. Next,
  open the file on a current version flash projector. If everything works the way it should then
  your work is done, if it doesn't then you'll just have to tweak it until it does. What you have
  to do from now on depends completely on the flash. For example, on the flashes I'm uploading
  today only the audio track was broken, whereas for Pitan.swf I had to manually reinsert some of
  the frames as well as changing the layer priority order and redoing the gradient at the end. Keep
  in mind that what you see on the stage will not always what you'll get after exporting, so better
  compile and check after every change.

  In case you need it, for exporting individual components from JPEXS just right click on the
  element or folder you want on the bar at the left and click on 'export selection', after that
  you'll have to import them to use them on flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/17(Tue)18:55:44 No.3199915

  Forgot to say that this is a good method for editing working flashes too.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/17(Tue)19:27:55 No.3199932

  Aw yeah, I really missed this one.
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