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File: Alone At Sea.swf-(8.92 MB, 640x480, Loop)
[_] [A] [P] [I] [S] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)12:56:20 No.3189736

>> [_] Faggot (¬‿¬) 12/16/16(Fri)13:01:53 No.3189739

  Nice little episode. I liked the part when they crashed at sea.

  >8.92MB for full episode

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)13:16:58 No.3189740

  There it is. I found it.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)13:44:17 No.3189742

  >bitch is using water to cover her eyes
  >doesnt like water
  why do people like this show

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)14:08:27 No.3189745

  Watching an episode of anything as a flash. that's a first
  well done me

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)14:27:32 No.3189752

  it's not that she doesn't like water, it's that she underwent a large amount of trauma whilst
  under the ocean, so her feelings regarding THE SEA SPECIFICALLY have been damaged, steven is
  trying to help her repair them.

  this show follows a plot, it's not just one off episodes. try to find out the context of
  something next time if you don't want to look like an idiot.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)14:28:19 No.3189753

  this is mlp tier pls stop

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)14:40:35 No.3189756

  did she escape from the butch red crystal that tried to rape her?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)14:57:25 No.3189760

  >gems are minerals

  This show is highly autistic. They should add some cool shit like serpentine, corium, or

  It'd still be autistic, but at least it would have more shit than just "OMG GEMSTONES LOL"

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)15:05:39 No.3189761

  It's still better than tom and jerry was. When that shit came on I'd go outside or do homework.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)15:09:40 No.3189762

  >better than tom and jerry
  nice try, troll

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)15:12:48 No.3189763

  dif anon here, but tom and jerry is garbage
  like the johnny test of old cartoons

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)15:19:32 No.3189765

  >That ending.
  Fucking amazing, didn't expect that.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)15:23:00 No.3189766

  if you mean the ones from 60s and newer, I agree, those are complete garbage but the original
  episodes from 40s/50s are comedy gold and I laugh no matter how many times I see them

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)16:41:37 No.3189783



>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)17:00:48 No.3189786

  holy shit this show sucks dick big time
  super autismo shit

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)17:03:07 No.3189788

  didn't see it coming, haven't been hooded in years

>> [_] Anonymous 12/16/16(Fri)17:16:49 No.3189790

  butch red crystal literally became a dog and ran away

  unless you mean the black one shes still there
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