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[_] Trigger Warning Wednesday Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:12:38 No.3200439

  I think I caught Streep Throat watching this...

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:15:54 No.3200443

  Mccines is a cuck.

  In this video he gets bent the fuck out by a qt national socialist girl

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:17:59 No.3200444

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:25:07 No.3200451

  You like it when I say.... KEK?


>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:30:28 No.3200453


>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:30:46 No.3200454

  wait a minnit... wtf you talking 'bout, Willis? She admits being Trump-redpilled... where's this
  Nationalist Socialist bullcrap you speak of?

  Now I feel bad for calling her out in person in /f/ on her anims.... them feels :^(

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:31:02 No.3200455

  does she say that in the video?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:35:46 No.3200457

  I believe the real question is whether Meryl Streep can build a table.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:38:53 No.3200459

  No anon, get jiggy with the memes

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:43:44 No.3200460

  I remember that meme, I liked it.
  I just would have enjoyed her saying that to table master.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)22:48:01 No.3200462

  Oh Table Senpai, the spaghetti in your pocket says you like when I say "cuuuuuck":....

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)23:53:40 No.3200480

  She really OD'd on those redpills. She was fired from her job for interviewing people at NPI.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)01:08:25 No.3200508

  NPI?? care to fill in a nincompoop?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)01:25:04 No.3200515

  National Policy Institute. It is an Alt-Right forum in D.C. that convened annually. It was
  controversial this year because it received a lot more focus than in years prior as a result of
  the election and what not. There was significant anti-fa action, and Youcis's camera man was
  attacked while she had some unspecified fluid sprayed into her hair.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)01:41:51 No.3200526

  Trump sux my guys
  Abortions and gay marriage and the environment and vaccines should all stay legal
  Everything else I couldn't give a fuck less about. Well, immigration, but I'm on his side there

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)02:00:16 No.3200530

  I can basically guarantee he is not gonna change gay marriage or vaccines.
  Don't really care about women not getting late term abortions... how about learn some
  responsibility or get an abortion in the first 8 or so months if thats your plan? Not a big deal
  for me but maybe I am wrong on it... I dunno.

  Environmental crap probably isn't a big deal unless he is lax on local air quality/water quality.
  The fact is long-term the current risk/reward for current emissions reductions and so simply
  won't make much of a difference and with the China's of the worlds not giving a fuck at all it
  furthers adds to its irrelevance.
  We will need solutions for those problems in the future but our current ones simply hurt us
  without helping much so its dumb.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)03:46:17 No.3200550

  There's a lot of fat he could trim from the EPA, such as the overarching and redundant
  regulations on motor vehicle importation which should not be their jurisdiction, and just allows
  them to send law-abiding people in bureaucratic wild goose chases between the NTHSA, the EPA, and
  the federal DOT if they try to import a vehicle into the country that's less than 25 years old.

  but he probably won't do shit but fuck with taxes and start another war just like every other
  fucking president.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)03:51:15 No.3200552

  >but he probably won't do shit
  With almost any other person I would agree
  But this guy's ego is the size of the moon
  I think he might actually go through with his campaign promises just to be the first fucking
  president to do so

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)05:03:12 No.3200567

  >he probably won't do shit but fuck with taxes and start another war just like every other
  fucking president.
  exhibits massive misunderstanding of the situation

  it's ok, anon, politic is hard to do, understanding comes only with hard brainwork.
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