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>> Anonymous 26dec2016(mo)21:09 No.42620 OP P1

[IMG] High School DXD XXX.swf (1.01 MiB)
720x405, Compressed. 93 frames, 30 fps (00:03).
Ver17, AS1/AS2. Network access: Yes. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 27dec2016(tu)09:38 No.42666 A P2R1

Does that have the same crash problem as the Sekirei XXX? I mean, both flashes are made by WHENTAI,
and both have a character select.

>> Anonymous 27dec2016(tu)23:28 No.42695 B P3R2

What is this traced over?

>> Anonymous 28dec2016(we)00:52 No.42700 C P4R3

can't find it at the moment. it's definitely from zone (or his early works "hentaikey"). batou, i
don't know why, hates zone and traces all his works. just keep that in mind and you will
(sometimes) easily find the answer.
the most copied characters are: hentaikey girl, the girls from naruto and all his latest works.

>> Anonymous 29dec2016(th)02:45 No.42774 D P5R4

still better than M&F...

>> Anonymous 29dec2016(th)04:17 No.42780 E P6R5


>> Anonymous 29dec2016(th)10:59 No.42793 F P7R6

It baffles me that the (flash) hentai community isn't kicking Batou from any and all plattforms.
Batou is commiting plagiarism on a gigantic scale and then sells it.
And how does he even manage to fuck up the sound that bad in the majority of his 'works'?

>> Anonymous 29dec2016(th)13:13 No.42795 G P8R7

No it's almost 2017, people are not allowed to criticize anything anymore, remember that.

>> Anonymous 4jan2017(we)17:22 No.43028 H P9R8

Willing to bet 50 bucks that those models are from Bible Black.

>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)01:20 No.43064 D P10R9

It's because of the rib cage, isn't it?
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