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>> Anonymous 9jan2017(mo)19:06 No.43166 OP P1

[G] Zone Bioshock

Zone Bioshock

[IMG] Bioshock.swf (29.38 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 13978 frames, 23.96 fps (09:43).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>> Anonymous 10jan2017(tu)03:27 No.43179 A P2R1

Always nice to see this. The quality is far better than most of the shit you see online, especially
considering the artist had to convert a 3d game into 2d graphics.
For anybody who doesn't know this yet (uhhh), press v a lot of times for a nice surprise in the end
also wait some seconds after the last orgasm for some really nice music. (Yes the original song on
youtube is full of edgy swfchan comments)

>> Anonymous 10jan2017(tu)15:22 No.43191 B P3

Stop using parentheses when you don't know what they're for, faggot.

>> Anonymous 10jan2017(tu)15:59 No.43193 C P4R2

wEEEEoooo, punctuation police on the job!

>> Anonymous 10jan2017(tu)16:29 No.43194 B P5

That's literally, figuratively the objectively worst comment of 2017, based purely on a subjective

>> Anonymous 10jan2017(tu)21:25 No.43205 D P6R3

if only he still released actual flashes. just look at these graphics. 29.38 MiB, a movie format
would need over 1 GiB to get near the same quality and then you'd be borked the next time you
upgrade your monitor resolution anyway

>> Anonymous 10jan2017(tu)21:46 No.43212 E P7R4

Didn't he argue the other way around, saying the swf file was too big and he had to convert it to

>> Anonymous 11jan2017(we)01:15 No.43218 F P8R5

The fuck are you talking about? FYI, the reason he rendered the Ghost Busters project as a video is
because flash has a limit of 16,000 frames which he hit over a year ago. What he had to do was
separate each scene and cut them together in premiere for the final product.

Even if there was no frame limit you would be looking at over an hour of loading with severe FPS
drops depending on the strength of your CPU. There's a reason everyone hates flash.

>> Anonymous 11jan2017(we)06:03 No.43228 A P9R6


>> Anonymous 11jan2017(we)06:09 No.43229 G P10R7

>looking at over an hour of loading with severe FPS drops depending on the strength of your CPU.

What kind of shitty potato are you playing this on?

>> Anonymous 12jan2017(th)06:48 No.43245 D P11R8

Stop repeating this, the frame limit is for a single timeline, not the flash itself. If you just
split the animation into two or more MovieClips it can be a million frames long, Zone of all people
should know this. Loading times has nothing to do with anything and frame drops are due to low-tier
CPUs (people buy a good graphic card and think their PC is good, kek).

There's indeed a reason why everybody hates flash and the reason is that they are extremely
misinformed and won't listen when you point out stuff.

Honestly, what is "over an hour of loading" even supposed to mean, from where on Earth did you pull
that assumption? Just from that sentence it looks like you don't know the first thing about the
flash format other than what you have read on slashdot or something (meaning mostly echo-chamber
nonsense when it comes to swf).

>> Anonymous 13jan2017(fr)00:02 No.43260 H P12R9


So fuckers don't steal his works.

I support Zone move, now we won't be flooded with edited crap anymore. I think these low-lifes
should die under torture, but stopping them is fine too.

>> Anonymous 15jan2017(su)01:19 No.43313 E P13R10

boom baby, glad to see people know swf on an swf board

Also: Zone posted his own shit on /f/ and now he's OMG MAH PIRATZ?

>> Anonymous 15jan2017(su)08:49 No.43323 D P14R11

>we won't be flooded with edited crap anymore
You mean we'll get flooded with the same Toph edits over and over again instead of exactly the same
amount of edits but with something new thrown in there.

Zone dropping swf because of him not wanting people to copy his assets is the only reason I get and
he should have just said so instead of inventing some excuse.

In the end it's still his paying customers that are losing out because you have to settle for a
movie file instead of a glorious swf file that supports things like randomness, interactivity and
scenes that can loop forever. (Its superior even without the vector graphics.)

Complaining about stolen assets is still a bit lame considering that these characters aren't
exactly Zone's own work to begin with, he is riding to success because of somebody else's work as
well (though naturally not as much as those that steal assets and just change a few things).

Besides there's no reason for us to complain about stolen assets anyway, we just get more porn. And
Zone still gets pretty much the same amount of money, I doubt anyone that would have given Zone
money in the first place somehow wouldn't do it because of some assets being stolen. I'd argue that
it probably has worked to Zone's advantage over the years; every time Zone has been copied people
have been there shouting "they stole from Zone". That's free advertising right there.

>> Pasha1001 15jan2017(su)18:24 No.43336 I P15R12

Flash/Animate tools are very outdated. Thus I can understand Zone switching to bitmap videos. I
always hoped Adobe would catch up but they never did. SWF is dying, it doesn't work well on Linux
and doesn't even work on iOS and Android devices. I love vector art and I wish there was some way
to make animated interactive svgs without having to code everything from scratch. But making vector
art and then exporting it to bitmap is really stupid. I'm not gonna do that. Both Moho and Toon
Boom can export swf so importing the animations in Adobe Animate and then exporting them to HTML5
will hopefully be similar to a swf. I'm gonna try this but I'll need a couple of month minimum. I'm
still cutting those damn episodes.

>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)12:31 No.43379 D P16R13

Zone is still making his stuff in flash though so understanding how he switching to bitmap videos
due to flash/animate tools being outdated doesn't have any meaning in this context. He is still
using those tools.

Only reason it doesn't work for iOS is because $teve Jobs knew it would cut into profit too much if
people played flash games for free instead of buying the exact same thing in app form so Apple
refused to bring it there. Flash was on Android (I guess the old version still is) but they dropped
it because phones wasn't powerful enough and today when they are starting to have enough CPU people
aren't interested enough.

I do blame Adobe for many of flash's problems though, they don't give enough of a damn. I guess I
have to say I understand why though, they can't have been earning that much from their purchase of
flash from Macromedia. I don't like people trash talking the format itself though when there isn't
even a comparable replacement out.

>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)14:31 No.43382 J P17R14

we are all very anxious to witness your "talent", O special one

>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)14:57 No.43384 K P18R15

why not trying something new instead of flash? check "mocumocudane"..
it's absolutely free, fanmade and you get one very big update every month. with this you can make
your porn in no time and you don't need any knowledge about timelines, converters and such shit...
here's the thread:
and here's the direct download:

>> Anonymous 17jan2017(tu)21:30 No.43386 L P19R16


>alternative to flash
>waifu sex simulator 18

seems legit

>> Anonymous 26jan2017(th)05:00 No.43582 M P20R17

So this is the pinnacle of adult flash animation huh?

I doubt anyone will ever reach this height again, even though you'd think Patreon will enable a lot
of skillful animators/artists to dedicate to their craft to create finesse like this. There's just
too much make money fast schemes, and mediocrities being rewarded disproportionately now with

>> Anonymous 26jan2017(th)06:10 No.43584 N P21R18

I wouldn't call this the pinnacle,it's good,but i wouldn't say it's the top.

>> Nanonymous 26jan2017(th)06:14 No.43585 O P22R19


Would you have another place to download? , It seems that there is some problem with this link

>> Anonymous 27jan2017(fr)09:05 No.43612 A P23R20

Yeah it's a plague
Meh, show me a better flash than this one that doesn't provide more content, I mean pure quality of
content, not quantity.
On this site, rare.

>> Anonymous 27jan2017(fr)10:42 No.43614 K P24R21

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