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[_] 4chan Cup /f/ Team Roster Poll Old Man Sou !!c6N8js+QjEQ 01/03/17(Tue)15:53:44 No.3196751

  Standard Players:


  Polls will go on until the 14th, by the 21st of january we'll have a good idea of who's gonna be
  on the team for Winter

  Feel free to shitpost about horns and anthems and whatnot now's the time to do it.

  Friendly against /co/ this weekend we'll be using an animutation roster I came up with a few
  years back it should hopefully be a fun match against /co/ http://implyingrigged

  What the fuck is this all about? Head to the wiki for all your questions about Virtual Memeball

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/17(Tue)21:29:09 No.3196872

  which autist is streaming this cup and why isnt it Sou(You)

>> [_] Old Man Sou !!c6N8js+QjEQ 01/03/17(Tue)21:46:13 No.3196879

  Because rigging implications are involved if I were to stream and manage a team in the same
  tournament. But it'll be Boris streaming the elites like always.
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