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>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)19:23 No.43663 OP P1

Sauce of this?

I can't find it

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>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)19:37 No.43664 A P2R1

Minus 8

>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)19:40 No.43665 OP P3R2

Yeah, but where he posted it?

>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)19:55 No.43666 B P4

The same place he posts all his work...

>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)20:05 No.43667 OP P5


>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)20:13 No.43668 B P6


>> Anonymous 30jan2017(mo)07:33 No.43700 C P7R3

Minus 8 has to bounce from tumblr account to tumblr account due to South Korean anti-porn laws.

So no one here is going to give you a link to find Minus 8's current account out of fear of tipping
off the popo. But his(Her?) Flash stuff makes it's way here.

>> Anonymous 30jan2017(mo)08:32 No.43701 D P8R4

Stop it, it's not even a meme with -8.

He usually uploads his new stuff to 7chan's flash board.

>> sage 31jan2017(tu)05:22 No.43723 E P9R5

That's not why he does that, he has emo tirades and then deletes his tumblr.

>> Anonymous 4feb2017(sa)09:00 No.43816 C P10R6

No, I'm pretty sure it's to evade the popo.

>> Anonymous 5feb2017(su)04:49 No.43842 F P11R7

How does does deleting old and creating a new account help
>evade the popo?
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