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[_] Whoremaker - No Homo Edition V2 Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)00:49:47 No.3200022!10cVxZaK!AxccQyeHG3KvMTBqJWQhN2fSxXhaGTJJPzvYWpNNOX4

  Whoremaker is a slave manager game that I decided to mod it and add new content. My latest update

  -Several new gifs and webms
  -New "Watch porn" feature and hopefully this is a good idea
  -It's now possible to get a game over and I included a new gameover scene.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)00:52:07 No.3200024

  Stop advertising your shit here so much

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)00:53:20 No.3200025

  Stop fucking advertising this. Once was enough. If it's so important to you then buy some ads by

  Don't forget to report.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)00:54:13 No.3200026

  >Don't forget to report.
  Of course

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)01:01:38 No.3200033

  Whats it like being such pathetic cuckolds?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)01:03:20 No.3200034

  Fuck off shill. Try posting it without shilling so hard next time and you'll get a better
  response filthy jew.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)01:12:23 No.3200035


>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)02:23:08 No.3200058

  shitty file, cant even jerk it to this shit kys

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)02:30:12 No.3200062


  absolutely love chrono trigger. fav game. was learning songs from it today on gutair. usernames
  an paswords all my life from this game. Much appreciated post

>> [_] Anonymous 01/11/17(Wed)03:35:26 No.3200080

  Can't say I care for the game but I'd be interested in acquiring the music.
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