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>> Anonymous 31dec2016(sa)17:50 No.42898 OP P1

Bololo DigiXXX

Bololo DigiXXX

[IMG] Bololo DigiXXX Game.swf (1.14 MiB)
800x800, Compressed. 14 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 31dec2016(sa)20:11 No.42900 A P2R1

What is the source of this i cant find bololo anywhere?

>> Anonymous 1jan2017(su)01:09 No.42915 B P3R2

i know Bololo's old gallery got nuked when the guy who owned the website scrubbed cause of crimes
or something
does he have a new site some place?

>> Anonymous 1jan2017(su)01:27 No.42916 C P4R3

>has incredibles in it and other assorted characters
What was this guy smoking

>> Anonymous 1jan2017(su)01:29 No.42917 D P5R4

They're currently compiling a more complete list.

>> Anonymous 1jan2017(su)01:48 No.42919 E P6R5

Heres his new gallery for anyone asking.

>> Anonymous 1jan2017(su)10:11 No.42939 F P7R6

Can anyone please do a version that does not have the guy-on-guy-action scenes or those scenes that
don't belong in here (like that weird Incredibles scene)?

>> Anonymous 1jan2017(su)19:27 No.42947 G P8R7

>literally everything you can ignore by simply not clicking the pictures that show exactly who is
with who
>being this fucking autistic

>> Anonymous 2jan2017(mo)01:41 No.42955 H P9R8

oh shit, didnt thing id see new stuff from bololo. awesome upload OP!

wwoec is kill =(

>> Anonymous 3jan2017(tu)10:07 No.42991 I P10R9

this guy gets it

>> Anonymous 3jan2017(tu)15:29 No.42997 F P11R10

>using autism as an insult
What is this, 4chan?!

>> Anonymous 3jan2017(tu)16:11 No.42999 J P12R11

>defending autism
Fuck off you autistic piece of subhuman garbage.

>> Anonymous 3jan2017(tu)21:25 No.43005 K P13R12

obvious troll is obvious.

Is 4chan doing this nonsense as well?
Wasn't there in years, probably for the better...
People who use a medical condition as an insult usually don't know what it means anyway. These
people are also immune to facts and education.
I might as well insult somebody with: 'You have the flu'. That makes just as much sense.

>> Anonymous 3jan2017(tu)21:36 No.43008 J P14R13

Obvious autist is obvious.

>> Anonymous 3jan2017(tu)21:57 No.43009 L P15R14

holy shit are you really that stupid?

>> Anonymous 4jan2017(we)04:00 No.43016 M P16R15

THIS guy


>> Anonymous 4jan2017(we)08:29 No.43021 K P17R16

Thank you for proving my point.
Now get off the internet and do your homework.

>> Anonymous 6jan2017(fr)01:22 No.43065 N P18R17

Yeah, mistaking autism for stupidity or different opinions is like confusing schizophrenia with
multiple personality disorder. Everyone does it.

>> Anonymous 27jan2017(fr)01:00 No.43597 O P19R18

I can't say with any degree of certainty whether all the art is stolen, but I know for a fact that
several of those images are ripoffs of originals done by artists that are not Bololo

>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)09:49 No.43657 H P20R19

Bololo has done a lot of porn over the years so I'm sure not all is "stolen". Even Zone trace
things in order to get the mimick correctly, does it matter whether you trace official images or
trace inofficial images?

>> Anonymous 28jan2017(sa)17:42 No.43662 N P21R20

No, but it matters if you trace vs not trace at all!
Not complaining though, I'm fine with good tracing as it makes good/more rule 34.
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