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[_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)04:52:01 No.3200563

  Who else here has problems posting flashes from their extravagant collections? Let's all try to
  post a flash a day. Try to branch out, too. Find something. Posting this now, because of that Jon
  flash down there. I'll post another flash inspired by something posted here, then branch out with
  something I haven't posted before, myself.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)07:48:38 No.3200587

  It's morning where I am, and I am alone.
  This flash just made me realize my slow descent into a dark enigma torn from society.

  I pursued my dreams and fell short, i made the leap and missed the platform....

  It is dark in my room, at least I get to enjoy the sun shine through

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)10:31:52 No.3200625

  no problems here, I post like a drunken Scotsman... 'cuz I am

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)10:38:55 No.3200628

  I am in the same predicament.
  Now I post [G][A][Y] flashes on Thursdays.
  What have I become.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)12:18:22 No.3200659

  I'll post something never seen by swfchan a few few times at least.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/17(Thu)12:22:03 No.3200661

  omg pls do
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