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   >> Anonymous 20apr2017(th)14:28 No.48511 OP P1

   Creambee - Dark Queen Battle Loads

   Saw no one else had it. It's annoying. Someone break it.

    Creambee - Dark Queen Battle Loads.swf (7.46 MiB)
   840x600, Compressed. 57 frames, 24 fps (00:02).
   Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
   Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
   [find in archive]

   >> Anonymous 20apr2017(th)15:10 No.48516 A P2R1

   Right click > forward

   >> Anonymous 20apr2017(th)17:56 No.48517 B P3R2

   had completely forgotten battletoads had a hot character in it

   >> Anonymous 21apr2017(fr)08:53 No.48550 C P4R3

   i wont lie, i fucking LOVE mini games like this in porn games, especially if it involves gradual
   stripping. i think its grounded in my teasing fetish, but it makes the sex scenes that much
   better. and this is ok. the animations are a little too simple and just grabbing titties isnt
   all that satisfying an attack. either make it an actual attack or make the groping more than
   grabby hands overlayed on the sprite.
   that said nothing kills that ok minigame than a demo screen

   either release you shit like a month or a week after your patron get it or dont at all, cock
   teasing as advertisement is not only a dick move but only encourages people to pirate cause no
   one wants to pay a dick.
   ive honestly donated to more patreons that straight up release builds and finished shit cause it
   meas i can get at it that much sooner and have donated to zero that put out 'demos'

   >> Anonymous 21apr2017(fr)19:59 No.48564 D P5R4

   Needs keyboard controls, and she has way too much health * too many forms.

   >> Anonymous 23apr2017(su)07:08 No.48602 E P6R5

Pretty good actually. Plays kind of like a bootleg hentai version of Punch Out.

   >> Anonymous 9jun2017(fr)17:20 No.50297 F P7R6

   thank you
   just >>48516
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