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[_] Summer's Birthday v0.2 EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)03:00:33 No.3236391

  Reposting this since I originally posted it late at night. Comments and questions will be
  answered. Thank you everyone who is helping support me financially and creatively! If you don't
  see your suggestion from v0.1 implemented, I may have just not gotten around to it.

  Here are the bugs I'm aware of and have fixed:

  Fixed issue with "current: option" info not changing on breast/clothing options with alternate
  partners selected,
  fixed clipping with Pickle Rick on some outfits,
  fixed sleeve not changing on outfits button when alternate partner selected,
  fixed "nightwear" clothes showing as "casual" in "current: option" on clothing button

  If you like my shit you can support me on Patreon:

  Or, if you can't do monthly pledges, you can support me with a 1-time payment with credit card or

  (sorry to grovel for money but I have bills to pay, all my shit will stay free no matter what, so
  it's really just a tipping system)

  I've changed a lot of stuff since this version, including simplifying the UI into drop-down menus
  per godk's suggestion last time and adding a "top-view" bubble that shows the penetration. I've
  also added vaginal/anal options. I'll be releasing that version as soon as I work out a few more
  bugs and add another character (probably futa Beth or Older Morty).

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)03:01:08 No.3236392

  Best way to keep up with updates is on my Tumblr.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)03:04:36 No.3236394

  Any options to change the background? Maybe the angle too?

  Also, requesting Beth as a...recieving character.

>> [_] EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)03:28:00 No.3236400

  Background options coming as well. I won't be doing alternative "receivers" or angles because I
  started this project without intentions of making versions and didn't have a separate .as file
  for the the whole thing is spaghetti code. I could always do a separate movie with
  Beth...I have commissions open, if you're interested you can e-mail me: eropharaoh (AT)

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)04:04:39 No.3236408

  Options to replace summer with someone less awful

>> [_] = 04/21/17(Fri)06:57:49 No.3236430

  >no Morty

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)07:23:59 No.3236435

  >not Morty fucking his mom
  >not Rick raping Morty

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)07:42:53 No.3236440

  please dont put anything gay in this flash OP. faggotry has ruined porn for years and the mixing
  of gay and straight that so many for some reason think is ok has ruined so many boners over the

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)07:59:27 No.3236443

  >do no fap for 30days
  >see this
  Another 30days for me, cheers lad.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)10:08:14 No.3236467

  haha what a faggot

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)10:45:22 No.3236470

  when will the horse cock futa be done

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)10:53:10 No.3236472

  >circumcised and uncircumcised penis
  I'm still triggered

>> [_] EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)11:55:11 No.3236486

  See previous post.

  Okay, okay, I'll add Morty!

  Yes, this flash is neither of these things, I'm sorry.

  Does the already existing futa content count? Because I don't have any plans on doing anything
  "gayer" than futa, unless commissioned.

  Sorry about that. I'll be releasing the next version within 30 days though, so sorry about that,

  I'm implementing shit as fast as I can, gotta worry about money though so it's going slow.

  Your trigger only makes my penis harder.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:28:12 No.3236533

  >Your trigger only makes my penis harder.

  Also, just noticed another bug:
  when you open CREDITS, it appears that the CLICK TO HIDE CLUTTER link is on a layer above the
  credits, not below - it makes the text illegible it and accepts the mouse click.

  Keep at it, and take your time.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:34:14 No.3236535





>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:36:28 No.3236538

  Please add more sound fx. Looped moans are so last decade.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:41:49 No.3236544

  Also don't forget to make them rest. Nobody could breathe like that for 17 hours on loop.
  Make them go on adventures and kill the bad guys in other universes and rick getting his szechuan
  Then putting the sauce on his dick and fucking Morty while TWO BROTHERS.

>> [_] EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)14:52:17 No.3236557

  I completely redid the credits for this new version, as well as optimized all the options. They
  are now in drop-down menus, so the "HIDE CLUTTER" button is no longer necessary :) Thanks for
  pointing that out though, I didn't know! (so I really fixed it on accident)

  Thank you?

  The moans vary for about 12 seconds before they loop, so at least it's not the same "ah" sound
  effect for each thrust. It's a pretty basic loop but I'll consider putting more FX there :)

  Anyone else wants to see people resting in a porn animation? I'm not exactly going for realism...
  I have a pickle with a face magically thrusting in and out of her ;P

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:58:47 No.3236561

  Just so you know, when you choose to change the character off mr poopybutthole the clothing and
  breast descriptions no longer change. You can still change her clothes and breasts, but it will
  keep the same description as you go thru them.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)15:21:06 No.3236571

  >The moans vary..
  Consider making moans and grunts as individual audio snippets; use the onEnterFrame event and a
  random number generator to interject a random moan at random times. It will sound much more...

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:04:16 No.3236585


>> [_] EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)16:04:35 No.3236586

  As mentioned in my initial post, I'm aware of that bug and have already fixed it for the next
  version :) thanks!

  The moans are synced to her mouth. The way my spaghetti coding is, there's a lot of movieclip
  resetting and I don't know if I could make that idea work for this animation, but I'll definitely
  try... however, that's a great idea for my future animations if I can't get it to work here :)

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:49:50 No.3236603

  Where can I find your other animations? I went to your tumblr and website and I couldn't find
  them. I found the bubblegum princess one, but it was just a pic on tumblr, with no external link.
  Thanks, I really enjoyed the summer one

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)17:04:23 No.3236609

  >As mentioned in my initial post
  Oh, well I wasn't going to read all that.

>> [_] EroPharaoh !!6x7DPRMSm8S 04/21/17(Fri)17:14:10 No.3236612

  I don't have anything else available, this is my first adult project. I'm working on an Adventure
  Time one as well with Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, that picture was a teaser of sorts.
  (though it won't be bondage)

  I still appreciate you letting me know though!

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)17:22:00 No.3236614

  I mean it is better then anything I can do, but it just isn't the kind of thing I am into.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)17:27:07 No.3236616

  >Not Rick fucking summ-

  Never mind 10/10
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