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   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)08:45 No.44804 OP P1

   [G] Pandorium Colony


    689705_pandorium.swf (39.33 MiB)
   1024x768, Compressed. 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
   Ver35, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
   Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
   [find in archive]

   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)08:47 No.44805 OP P2



   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)10:20 No.44806 A P3R1

   looks promising

   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)13:55 No.44810 B P4R2

   How to change sex in charackter creation screen?

   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)16:13 No.44811 C P5R3

   Who else send all the white people to the breeding section and all the black people to work in
   the mines?

   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)16:26 No.44812 D P6R4

   Can't really find any buttons in the character creation, kinda bugs me that I can't really do
   anything at all, can't change age, gender, or race, all I could do is just type in the name and
   nothing else, not even process.

   >> Anonymous 4mar2017(sa)16:51 No.44813 D P7

   Meh, the screen for some reason was too big for me to notice the button, then again can't even
   change gender lel

   >> Anonymous 5mar2017(su)02:19 No.44823 E P8R5

   >online game
   top kek
   unless it has a sp mode its a lot of shit anyway

   >> Anonymous 5mar2017(su)02:47 No.44825 F P9R6

   Looks really fucking promising, love what's in it so far

   >> Anonymous 5mar2017(su)03:23 No.44827 G P10R7

   First of all, your colony would starve.
   Second, black girls need the white dick too.
   Third, you've no MO for dealing with asians. Though I suppose you can fix this problem and the
   first one by sending them all to the rice fields.

   >> Anonymous 5mar2017(su)13:40 No.44835 H P11R8

   Bah, just a space version of strumpets and that other game, ill pass.

   >> Anonymous 5mar2017(su)21:48 No.44836 I P12R9

   >race: Peoples

   it was over before it started

   >> Anonymous 6mar2017(mo)07:58 No.44858 J P13R10

   >game genre: Patreonbait

   >> Anonymous 6mar2017(mo)11:21 No.44861 K P14R11

   Sick of these colony games, literally who enjoys these

   >> Anonymous 6mar2017(mo)22:28 No.44876 L P15R12

   > race: peoples
   > "takeitseriously"
   > built resurses sector
   A truly advanced society.

   >> Anonymous 12mar2017(su)20:03 No.45086 M P16R13

   Wew really.
   That's it?
   The quality is actually altright as is the rather short sex scene, also I can allocate the 3
   different races to their appropiate habitats.
   Wish it was finished and posted here already, otherwise SJW-Patreon-Bait.

   Race: Peoples


   >> Anonymous 13mar2017(mo)14:33 No.45117 N P17R14

   The artstyle is like a literal webcomic, and the sex animation leaves much to be desired, it's
   like a flashy bag of lays chips

   >> Anonymous 14mar2017(tu)10:47 No.46157 O P18R15

   You can't fool me anon, now you're doing it on purpose.

   >> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)11:24 No.46230 P P19R16

   Why do all these foreign developers create their games for an English speaking audience, then
   just completely blow off any kind of competent translation? Fuck man, they could probably just
   ask someone to help un-fuck the text and it would take an hour or two tops every major update.

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)04:42 No.46264 M P20R17

   Damn, I'm found out

   To the /pol/mobile!

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)04:44 No.46265 M P21

   I mean goddamn, it's not hard to translate shit, I worked as a translator English-German for a
   big game a while ago, if you built your game right it's a piece of cake to translate it,
   although the grammar has to be checked too.

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)05:40 No.46267 Q P22R18


   How does it feel knowing that deep down the golden ages of Hitler and the secret death camps for
   subhumans will never become a reality in the new age of global, instant information transfer and
   social media?

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)10:19 No.46269 R P23


   >How does it feel to be a boring, shallow, parroting troll?

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)15:48 No.46278 Q P24


   So you acknowledge that it's not possible, then.

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)16:21 No.46279 J P25R19


   "Not hard" when you are translating to your own language.
   And if you are translating to another language you won't notice how bad it is and think it's
   "not hard".

   And I already tried asking for a translation check/proofread, but none will do it for free
   anonymously. Not here, neither in any imageboard and I don't enjoy the idea of making virtual
   friends only to do it.

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)16:44 No.46282 OP P26R20

   "not for free"??
   the funny part is, that i do translations -every day-.. freeware games, non-licensed movies
   and/or non-licensed animes... it's a hobby of mine and i really like it. and i don't get and/or
   want any money for this.

   >> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)16:51 No.46283 S P27R21

   You're too naive for your own good.

   >> Anonymous 17mar2017(fr)00:20 No.46297 T P28R22

   lulz, so true

   >> Anonymous 17mar2017(fr)17:41 No.46327 M P29R23

   How does it feel copypasting memes?

   >> Anonymous 17mar2017(fr)17:43 No.46328 M P30

   Well I translated that one game for free, I wasn't the only one because it's so big.
   You will be surprised how many people do it for free if you mention them in the credits.

   >> Anonymous 19mar2017(su)17:19 No.46392 U P31R24

   And Asians to the rice fields

   >> Anonymous 23mar2017(th)04:51 No.46508 V P32R25

   it's alright kids I was racist when I was a teenager too, then I moved out of my mommy's
   suburban enclave and into the wider world.

   >> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)05:12 No.46535 M P33R26

   >tfw I was a lefty liberal while I lived with my parents but now that I'm on my own and seeing
   the world critically the only reasonable thing for me to be is to be racist, well not racist,
   more like identitarian

   >> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)08:01 No.46538 W P34R27

   I quite like the artwork, but the animations suck ass and it's patreon shit.

   >> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)08:20 No.46540 X P35R28

sex is a game and patreon is a name....

forget the name and play the game!!!

always reading the same about how cancerous patreon is gets fukkin' annoying :(
sorry guys, but it's the truth...

   >> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)13:31 No.46549 S P36R29

   Go back to where you came from, you hypocritical faggot.

   >> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)18:28 No.46560 Y P37R30

   Yeah, The HEY GIVE ME MONEY ON PATRON!! begging shit is getting old.

   People who have no experience making shit or new companies shilling half baked content.

   fucking gets old

   >> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)19:14 No.46561 X P38R31

   i don't like this patren shit too..

   there should be a "popular"-list for all the annoying comments..
   first place: "nigger, niggerdick, why nigger" and every other "niggerposts"
   second place: patreon
   third place: traced shit
   and so on... i like criticism, but too often it becomes a war in many forms...

   >> Anonymous 27mar2017(mo)07:01 No.46632 Z P39R32

   So the leeches are biting the hands that feed... what is new here?

   Also, we're all on a cartoon flash jerk-off site, personally I wouldn't reveal my personal
   ideology or politic view at all. It just reinforces the whole cum clustered hands neckbeard
   image no matter which side you're on.

   >> Anonymous 27mar2017(mo)08:52 No.46636 AA P40R33

   this is way too many replies for such a bad game

   >> Anonymous 28mar2017(tu)20:00 No.46697 AB P41R34

   How the fuck do I push other buttons

   >> Anonymous 31mar2017(fr)20:52 No.46798 AC P42R35

   love art style, music isn't bad, but animations do really suck they very stiff I wouldn't really
   support this until they get better animators on the team

   asking for money for this is nuts, should try make this game success first then next project ask
   for money

   >> Anonymous 1apr2017(sa)00:23 No.46800 AD P43R36

   >And now I'm even more racist
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