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Ended:27/5 -2017 21:57:08

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[_] We're back! Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)08:33:06 No.3248407

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)08:36:21 No.3248408


>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)08:57:28 No.3248410

  so, has someone found any alternatives to /f/ just in case something more permanent happen to
  this place?
  or will we gonna die with this board?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)09:06:21 No.3248411

  There isn't any flash board like /f/ anywhere.
  Live on 4chan, die on 4chan. I doubt it's going down anytime soon, anyway. and /f/ is obscure
  enough for us never to get shit up by external drama.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)10:06:48 No.3248416


>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)10:18:14 No.3248417

  SWFchan and newgrounds pretty much.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)12:36:26 No.3248438

  What is this about?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)13:31:08 No.3248458

  wait, what happened?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)13:43:36 No.3248463


>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)13:56:31 No.3248467

  The captcha system broke so only people with passes could post for a while.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)14:26:34 No.3248474

  My 2nd favorite Halo campaign, I hope they make another ODST game.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)14:27:48 No.3248475

  Probably my favorite Halo OST.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/17(Sat)15:55:58 No.3248491

  It's multiple things. There was a point where an IP block was affecting a lot of people and we
  were posting from our phones.
  Then we had to solve a second captcha on the post page to get something thought. It's been fixed
  for a few days now.

  The flash itself is from when moot retired.
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