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>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 30apr2017(su)07:28 No.48981 OP P1

Summer's Birthday v0.3 (UPDATE 04-30-17)

Here's a new version of Summer's Birthday! Let me know what you think, and if you have any
suggestions for future versions! Some stuff suggested last time may not be implemented yet, but
that doesn't mean it won't be! Let me know if you run into any glitches! Hope you enjoy!

[IMG] Summer's Birthday v0.3.swf (3.18 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 5 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)07:55 No.48982 A P2R1

It's getting better <3

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 30apr2017(su)08:03 No.48983 OP P3R2

Thank you!

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)09:10 No.48985 B P4R3


>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 30apr2017(su)09:20 No.48987 OP P5R4

It was all for you, Anon!

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)11:55 No.48991 C P6R5

Here are some possible fixes i noticed:
-The Futa is technically Herm (both vagina and penis). Maybe there should be an option for Herm and
an option for Futa.
-Summer's dick is WAY smaller in the bubble.
-There are no anal sounds
So really, there's not much to fix. As far as adding things, you should probably add more speeds at
some point. Sometimes you gotta take it slow. Good work!

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)12:01 No.48992 D P7R6

I lost it at "I squanch my family".
For suggestions, how about nude option for Summer?

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)16:21 No.48998 E P8R7

you're making steady progress, keep on it man

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)16:35 No.49000 F P9R8

god damn dickgirls, it'd be much more sexy if beth would just use a strap on. why artists go to
fantasy land before reality is beyond me, so strange. it's like you forget that strapons even
exist. speaking of strange, the POV dick of summer doesn't match in appearance to when you see it
from the side. not that i care about that in particular but it looks odd.

regardless, good job nontheless! guess you're saving morty even though everybody has been
requesting him since day one

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 30apr2017(su)18:39 No.49004 OP P10R9

-Futanari is the Japanese word for hermaphrodite. Futa has become many different types of dickgirl,
though I'm using it like traditional futa porn.

-I'll fix this. It was cut off by the bubble so I was going for an angle effect, it's too thin for
that to be believably the same size though.

-Oh shit (lol). I'll fix this.

Adding speed will take a while (I have to re-animate all the breasts, and all the characters), but
I do want to implement it.

Thanks for the help!! I'll re-release this as v0.3.1.

I was pretty excited when I thought of that. ;)

Thank you!

I'm sorry futa Beth offended you. I'll add a strap-on option just for you (I'm not being sarcastic).
I'll fix the POV futa cock!
I had a lot of people asking me about futa Beth as well, and more boobs trumped Morty. Sad!

On a general note, I've also heard complaints elsewhere of the menus closing out after a selection.
This isn't normal, and I'm having a hard time emulating it unless I flip through the options
quickly, and sometimes when I choose it at a regular pace. I think it's tied to a frame, but if you
could tell me when it happens to you (if it does), it would help out immensely.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 30apr2017(su)19:01 No.49005 OP P11

I forgot to add the loop function for all the buttons that "reset" the animation - if you choose
breast size, the sex sounds stop as well. I've fixed this, I'm going to fix a few other small
things and re-post this.

>> Shrek 30apr2017(su)21:31 No.49009 G P12R10

*casually looking at the customization options*
*there's a conan pubic hair*


i hope in the future you could add self-cest option ;D

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)22:11 No.49010 H P13R11

OP is not the worst faggot I have ever seen.
That is all.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 1may2017(mo)05:55 No.49013 OP P14R12


Self-cest would be very interesting, maybe with the kick-ass alternate dimension Summer?

Coming from anon, this is actually a pretty good compliment. Thank you, sir.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 1may2017(mo)07:38 No.49015 OP P15

^^^^^^ Bug fixes

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)02:05 No.49038 I P16R13

fucking A, I hope Jerry gets his turn with her

>> aurora 18jun2017(su)19:24 No.50510 J P17R14

wubba lubba dub dub

I really love what you did, great job!

Am i completely fucked up if i ask for a normal Rick? i mean, it's allready still a bit fucked up
right.. so why not? Normal rick.. pleaase?? <3 pretty please?

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 19jun2017(mo)23:22 No.50537 OP P18R15

I could add a normal "Rick" in a future version. :)
I'm finishing up v0.4 right now, should be out sometime tomorrow (06/20/17) I'm aiming for.
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