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[_] Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:32:06 No.3238317

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)19:31:02 No.3238352

  >pure kino

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)19:49:17 No.3238353

  I would love OPM if it had some sort of cohesive style to it and didn't always seem like it was
  trying to outdo itself.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)20:01:48 No.3238358

  I wish the show was about him traveling the world seeking the monsters and killing them and after
  a while he would become some sort of antihero and the perspective would switch to the monster's
  side gathering up discussing on how to eliminate him
  like the first half would be about him and his past like it was in the show and the second about
  the monsters past for example being driven mad or adding some sort of twist
  and maybe it would turn out like a regular shounen anyway so who cares

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)22:42:26 No.3238420

  second season is coming and i have no idea what it will be about. in season 1 he already defeated
  a guy that had travelled the universe searching for someone that could prove to be a challenge.
  if they keep coming up with lel-even-stronger enemies after that i'll actually be a bit pissed.
  the show has plenty of side characters to provide struggle stories with, no need to throw
  anything stronger than what appeared in the first season against Saitama himself.

>> [_] :v 04/26/17(Wed)22:56:59 No.3238424


  Now everything you watch will be utter shit since you know whats coming

  >yes even Rick and Morty

  still going to watch it for that hunky robot boi tho
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