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Happy midsummer's day!

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>> Anonymous 23apr2017(su)10:22 No.48617 OP P1

Also didn't see this one anywhere.

[IMG] RHPP34.swf (2.09 MiB)
600x600, Compressed. 2 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>> ok 23apr2017(su)14:18 No.48624 A P2R1


>> UnitedAirline 23apr2017(su)14:18 No.48625 A P3

wasn't expexting this

>> Anonymous 23apr2017(su)17:46 No.48633 B P4R2

Love me some rhythm heaven porn

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)00:07 No.48649 C P5R3

wtf i love pp34 now

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)00:15 No.48652 D P6R4

lulz, thanks a lot for the upload OP

i think they did a mistake in not inserting her voice into the flash though (deki-deki-diki desu
ka?) and him saying "eh" while banging extra hard that time (sugoi desu ne).

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)00:45 No.48654 E P7R5

Y'all niggas mad that PeachyPop is finally making good stuff, lol

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)02:00 No.48658 F P8R6

ew what is that lipstick

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)08:04 No.48678 G P9R7

it's peki peki, but nevermind

also: people are such bigots here as well
everyone was just panning peachypop but as soon as a single ok flash of r34 they like comes along,
they sing their praises for more, weww

Also you can tell it's not made by -8, because it doesn't sync up very well to the audio and no
voices, but the ending was a nice touch and aligned with the song pretty darn well on my first try.
And thank god for that cum scene, because -8 flashes are usually not fappable because of a lack

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)15:13 No.48688 H P10R8

>You're all bigots
>No cum scene, can't fap therefore -8 sux
>wahhhhwahh *cries self to sleep*

>> Anonymous 25apr2017(tu)15:08 No.48734 I P11R9

ANOTHER NIGGER???!!!?!?!?!

>> Anonymous 25apr2017(tu)17:21 No.48745 J P12R10

it's a wrestler. a luchador.
all luchadors are mexican.
louis ck is not a luchador.
draw your own conclusions.
you heard it here first.

>> Anonymous 25apr2017(tu)18:42 No.48748 K P13R11

I spy a freudian slip
>darn well on MY first try
Ohai, PeachyPop. It's unusual to see you out of your hugbox.

PS. It's pretty sad if you fap to your own work you fat fuck
PPS: I have vouchers for weight watchers. You can have them since you NEED them.

>> Anonymous 25apr2017(tu)19:07 No.48751 L P14R12

>Defending yourself, pretending to be someone else.
I'm genuinely disgusted.

At least try acting like a man, you gigantic faggot.

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)16:19 No.48792 G P15

Sweet. I didn't even know I was a middle aged women. Where are my tits?
Are you really deducing that because I said "my", as in I play this fucking flash on here and press
da buttan and it does stuff, that I'm now OP?
I don't know if I should hit you on the forehead, or pat you on the back, as you seem to be 12
years old.

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)20:04 No.48805 M P16R13

>Still defending yourself
>Still whining
>Wait. Maybe if I insult myself - maybe they will believe me!

Tumblr is the place you're looking for, fattie.

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)20:22 No.48807 L P17R14

Oh no, I got called a 12 year old, my only weakness.
How will I survive this?

Stop wasting bandwidth with your bullshit and piss off back to your hugbox.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)04:23 No.48815 N P18R15

it's adorable you all need to relieve stress by being cunts to someone who doesn't deserve it, just
because you pathetic fucks can't jerk off in peace

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)05:15 No.48818 O P19R16

>tfw swfchan bullied peachypop so hard she stopped making flashes

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)06:02 No.48819 P P20R17

you expected something other than faggots being faggots?

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)10:41 No.48830 L P21R18

>still doing it
Yeah WE are the pathetic ones.
Hey, try calling us virgins, maybe that will crush our morale?

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)11:20 No.48832 N P22R19

I'd rather you take requests and kill yourself, but you're just too selfish to take one for the
team :/

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)11:23 No.48833 N P23

I hope you feel good about your deductive reasoning to think any message negatively towards you is
Peachy herself, as if you were even worth her attention, Virgin ;3c

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)12:23 No.48835 L P24R20

I was wrong, even with your KYS bonus it did nothing.
Try telling me I live in my parents basement instead, that should probably work.

>as if you were even worth her attention
A subaverage Female is larping that she wouldn't give me the time of day, oh woe is me.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)12:46 No.48839 N P25R21

so you just like coming back to flashes you don't like to bitch about someone who doesn't care
about your existence just for the starved attention right?
If you're gonna be an asshole, could you at least be entertaining, it's just amazing how generic
and boring people like you are, but it's nice to laugh at self-entitled cunts that seriously think
they have any power because they can say mean things on the internet, die sooner rather than later

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)12:52 No.48840 M P26R22

Oh shit, PeachyPop on SWFchan confirmed. Now we know where her 500 betabux go. Ever failing PR
campaigns and attention whoring instead of ripping off -8 ad nauseam.

This is really good. Might as well get certain goat to join the fun, maybe.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)13:21 No.48841 N P27R23


>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)13:23 No.48843 L P28R24

>flashes you don't like
Quote or link to my opinion on the swf file, please.

>You're actually weak IRL because you're mean online!
>Kill yourself you attention starved asshole, you're a generic and boring self-entitled cunt!
Huh, what's that sound?

>You're a boring generic self-entitled asshole, but I don't even care about you anyway.
>Even though I don't care, AT ALL, about you, it's very important to me that you know how I feel
and that I don't care.
Keep telling me how little you care, you might end up actually believing it yourself.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)13:47 No.48844 N P29R25

nah, you're not worth more than this last message, so hey at least you're worth that much to me you
special snowflake, k bai

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)13:52 No.48845 L P30R26

Shit, what will I do?
My only love has left me, I might as well kill myself now.

Goodbye cruel world!

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)17:25 No.48853 H P31R27

fucking lmao this is killing me XD

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)21:58 No.48860 M P32R28


Translation: I do not have the brainpower to come up with a original retort.

Talentless, unoriginal lazy hack of a pathetic landwhale.

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)06:36 No.48882 N P33R29

Congratz, you came back to make another mean wittle comment to feel better about yourself and still
calling the artist a landwhale, yeah you're really the creative one here, go make something that I
can jerk off too and quit wasting comment space you faggot

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)08:44 No.48885 Q P34R30

If peachypop is a talentless landwhale where's your patreon


>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)11:10 No.48888 L P35R31

Oh hey, look who it is.
Just came back to make sure we knew how much you actually care about us, huh.

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)11:24 No.48890 N P36R32

Still not peachypop you faggot, go make porn and be useful to this site, you fucks are useless

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)11:35 No.48891 L P37R33

>nah, you're not worth more than this last message
There's that sound again... Weird.

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)12:09 No.48892 N P38R34

Isn't there another anon than just you being a bitch? I was talking to the other anon

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)12:15 No.48893 N P39

But hey if you want to not be worth anything yourself then stay the course and shit talk someone
making porn, you self-entitled cunts are the reason artists go to paywalls in the first place, not
much reason to draw if it's for ungrateful manbabies who can't get it up without trying to bring
someone down

Eh fuck it, fuck you, like holy fuck how do you not kill yourself when you read the generic troll
shit you type
>insult any child could come up with

Go bother someone who actually makes shitty art like Mittsies

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)12:26 No.48894 L P40R35

There you go, showing how little you care again.

Look, you've already tried calling me self-entitled and a child.
You haven't called me retarded yet though, try that, maybe that will be the tipping point.

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)12:37 No.48895 M P41R36

>Calls other generic and unoriginal
>Tells others to kill themselves 9001 times
>Regurgitates same arguements over and over again.

You know, you take this awfully personally, "Not peachypop"
Lose some weight, try to create your own art for once instead ripping off other - more compotent
artists for example and try not to steal exact same fucking templates and models that likes Boogie
and -8 minus uses.
>Still whining about bigotry in *chan territory
You are posting in the wrong neighborhood, fattie

>> UnitedAirline 28apr2017(fr)13:44 No.48897 R P42R37

Ya'll need jesus

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)01:39 No.48916 N P43R38

The reason I'm saying kill yourself repeatedly is since you're still being a shitlord means you
haven't taken the advice, so I'm hoping repeated exposure to good advice would stick, but I guess
you're too stupid to learn how to be a better person and kill yourself :/
Also you can literally see I'm not even the other anon you thought was Peachypop either, it's kinda
sad how desperately you want to feel right

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)01:59 No.48917 L P44R39

>IP's are permanent
>I'm like totally not even a woman either, at all, now here's a youtube link with "male" in the
title to support that
Hold on boys, get my goggles and lab coat, we're working with levels of "Indifference" never before
observed in the known universe.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)03:59 No.48918 S P45R40

PeachyPoop's status: BTFO.

How will PeachyPoop ever recover?

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)04:29 No.48919 N P46R41

The song was because I'm jerking off to art, you over analyzing neckbeard

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)04:45 No.48920 N P47

I can't believe you are coming back here just for this shitty argument over nothing, I'm just here
because I like to see what people say about people i like and look at the pretty pictures, so I
lost the game by replying to a useless troll in the chan territory, your words are nothing
"But if our words mean nothing then why are you replying"
And also I'm sure you'll use greentexts because you're a cool interweb chan user ;3
The reason is because I'm bored and it's fun to talk with faggots who think they're worth more than
shit and deserve attention, also wow you read all this shit trying to find something i said to mock
me with, wow you are pathetic so just one more time, kill yourself you fucking autistic shitlord(oh
wow i wonder if he'll use a green text about me calling him autistic and a shitlord again, what a
good troll i really lost to him)

I'm just some random dude you decided to believe to be Peachy so that you could jerk off thinking
you got her attention, so I hope you got your fix loser, bye

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)04:51 No.48921 S P48R42

>I know, I will call him a neckbeard! That will surely work and prove that I am not PeachyPop.

Your insults are as unoriginal as your flashes.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)05:07 No.48923 S P49

We can that you are PeachyPop from how angry you are and your Tumblr tier insults. You also have a
nagging tone and are desperate to get the last word in even though you've had your shit kicked in
repeatedly. This is typical of feminine behavior and since females hate one another, it is
extremely unlikely that one would defend PeachyPop. This leads me to conclude that you are in fact
PeachyPop doing desperate damage control as your reputation takes an unrecoverable downward spiral.

>> The real PeachyPop 29apr2017(sa)06:53 No.48930 G P50R43

Well, this thread became the new beef curtains pretty easily.
Let's see how far we can take the replies counter this time.
It's not fun though, that there's only like 3 people getting on their backs.
Please. We need more shitbosts guys, bennis iks deh 3===D
We, PeachyPop, command our minions in this thread to do our bidding.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)08:11 No.48937 T P51R44

suck my cock b8boi

>off topic
am i the only one that really fucking hates this music?

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)10:35 No.48942 Q P52R45

>people actually buttmad over paid porn

>so buttmad that anyone disagreeing with them is a samefag of the artist

wew. peachypop #456 here.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)16:13 No.48948 L P53R46

Oh shit, excuse me.
I must've fallen asleep while staring at the screen, pressing F5, desperately waiting for you to
not care at all about me.

>I can't believe you are coming back
>nah, you're not worth more than this last message
Okay there it is again, that sound, what the fuck is it?

>I'm not mad at all, in fact let me do your work for you.
>Also you know the normal way for chantards to communicate is actually wrong and totally like dumb
>On the other hand, I wouldn't really know about chans as I'm obviously above such filth!
Hey, now... You're an all star.

>You got no attention, and now I'm leaving buhbye.
>(Come find me on Tumblr, plz daddy, I'll be waiting for you (I STILL don't care though) find me,
Are you really gonna leave us forever, AGAIN?

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)17:07 No.48949 U P54

>most non-american people know autoplay flash are prone to unsync and it depends on how fast you
load the flash file or how many times the loop runs
>someone says it loaded correctly in his first run
>an american deduces "hurr derp you are saying you created the flash"

Public education and inbreeding.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)17:58 No.48954 M P55R47

>What are IDs
>What are IP addresses
That lard is seeping into your brain. That tech incompetence is astounding.

Go back to computer science III after those gender studies. Entrance from the double doors

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)04:53 No.48978 V P56R48

I think there's a bug.
The man is black, is it supposed to be that way, like he's not human ?

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)01:35 No.49037 W P57R49

That weirdo accusing random anons of being PeachyPop gave me an idea for a horror movie premise:
It's a polar research station. Suddenly, porn flashes start appearing on station's computer. Now
the crew need to find and stop the one responsible for this before before they all become Patrons.
ENDING PLOT TWIST SPOILER: L was PeachyPop all along, tricking others into bumping the thread.

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)04:13 No.49042 OP P58R50

Why is everyone on this website autistic?

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)11:37 No.49053 X P59

Because of all the wannabe /b/tard 12 year old Anoominus leggion faggots that keep showing up and
decimating any pixel of board culture left on here.
This site is older than 98% of its userbase by now.
You people forced our hand in becoming as retarded as you. Now is not the time to think about going
back it's way too late for that.
You broke your toys now have fun playing with them.

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)02:09 No.49065 D P60R51

>calling yourself acoustic

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)08:13 No.49083 Y P61R52

I don't know what's worse. The levels of autism in this thread, or the fact that I read through the
whole damn thing.

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)15:55 No.49144 Z P62R53

Actually I'm PeachyPop.

>> The real S̶l̶i̶m̶ ̶S̶h̶a̶d̶y̶ PeachyPop 6may2017(sa)16:59 No.49181 G P63R54

You dun goof'd nigger. I'm from old /f/ on 4nhac and this "site" is not that old. The archive
surfaced anywhere in the late 00's and the upload board .org is really just some 5 years old by now.
Do you really believe the LOLSORANDUMB ANONIMICE are coming to some buried swf upload imageboard
and not stay somewhere where's much more people to troll and attention to seek.
Lol, most of /f/ userbase don't even know about swfchan these days.
And /f/ is the board nobody knows about.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)11:52 No.49208 AA P64R55

Is.. is any of this even worth it?
Like, how successful or popular do you guys REALLY think a flash porn creator gets?
hell we're probably a large chunk of her viewers.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)19:20 No.49217 O P65R56

He hit his $550 per animation goal on patreon the other day. If he had actually made anything in
the past month, he would have been sitting on a stack of neetbucks right now.

>> Anonymous 14may2017(su)13:15 No.49462 AB P66R57

too much shit to read, so I'll ask- there's anywere music from this flash to get?

>> Anonymous 15may2017(mo)22:57 No.49511 AC P67R58

Holy shit what the hell happened here? Why so much autism?

>> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)06:24 No.49520 AD P68R59

>> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)07:01 No.49522 AE P69R60

Fuck, and i thought that she did something original for once...

>> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)12:48 No.49531 AF P70R61



Choose one and only one.

For fucks sakes the came here fully anon sperging the fuck out after being called out. Say what you
will about EroPharaoh and Rock Candy and their respective tisms. At least they have the balls to
put their name out here instead of bitching about bigots "On this site too"

>> R Slayer 5jul2017(we)17:11 No.50967 AG P71R62

White people are bird poop. Brown people are dog poop. Everyone is poop.

>> Get Dunked on 5jul2017(we)17:20 No.50970 AG P72

I so want to put my chocolate stick into my petite vanilla girlfriend now.

>> Anonymous 5jul2017(we)19:39 No.50974 J P73R63

I thought your girlfriend's asian.
Also, you can't pretend to be two different people here just by changing your name.

>> Anonymous 22aug2017(tu)06:26 No.52668 AH P74R64

Bait: The thread

>> Anonymous 22aug2017(tu)15:38 No.52679 AI P75R65

Why can't we all just get along

>> Anonymous 26aug2017(sa)09:25 No.52794 AJ P76R66



>> poPyhcaeP 26aug2017(sa)13:32 No.52798 AA P77R67

I too am the pop made of peach

>> Anonymous 26aug2017(sa)14:57 No.52799 AK P78R68

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