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[_] Recipe inside ( for real ) :v 06/01/17(Thu)18:45:58 No.3250104

  A really nice cake (with a quirky twist) JUST LIKE /f/

  Tomato soup cake
  (it's really just a spice cake....but its easy cheap and good)

  Get yo sum:

  2 Cups AP-flour
  1 1/2 cups sugar
  1 Tbsp baking powder
  1 tsp baking soda
  1 tsp all spice
  2 tsp cinnamon

  1 10 ounce can condense tomato soup
  1/2 cup veg oil or crisco lard bar
  3 eggies
  1/4 cup water

  Cream cheese frosting:
  1/2 cup butter (a stick)
  8 oz softened cream cheese
  2-3 cups powdered sugar
  some vanilla extract 1-2 tsp depending on preference

  Oven at 350

  grease, or butter and lightly flour two 8 inch rounds or spring forms w/e you use.
  (can be made in cupcake trays as well just don't over fill as they expand a bit)

  In a Bowl:
  sift in flour, sugar, baking powder/soda and spices.
  mix it about
  add the wets
  soup, oil, egg, water
  stir to combine don't be super rough with it, do it by hand with a spatulur and fold more than
  helps with consistency (or so I am told)
  divide into cake pans or whatever your using

  Bake 20-30 min depending on how bitchy your oven is.
  toothpick test to check for done-ness
  set on wire rack in tins to cool for at least an hour

  Cream cheese frosting how do:
  Electric mixer makes this pretty easy
  cream butter and cream cheese and then add vanil extract
  slowly add powdered sugar until its a pleasing consistency

  Turn cakes out onto cutting board, cut domes off and slap a blob of frosting on the top of the
  bottom and put the other cut-side down onto the spread out frosting.
  Frost the outside
  Write your goodbye note in gel icing pen
  hang yourself
  >but don't but the cake under you when you hang yourself, it'll get doodoo on it.

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>> [_] dedo !drZ3h7esek 06/01/17(Thu)18:53:20 No.3250105

  how come you don't put anything in the corners anymore?
  >a-are we not /f/rens ? ;_;

>> [_] :v 06/01/17(Thu)18:54:50 No.3250106

  I was in a hurry
  Had to fix this cake situation

>> [_] dedo !drZ3h7esek 06/01/17(Thu)18:57:50 No.3250107

  I don't know why you have these urges to always fix something
  especially when it's not broken

>> [_] :v 06/01/17(Thu)19:02:28 No.3250109

  >especially when it's not broken
  everything is broken

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/17(Thu)19:19:28 No.3250115

  Thanks :v
  can i call you mom

>> [_] :v 06/01/17(Thu)19:44:20 No.3250121


>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/17(Thu)21:04:10 No.3250142

  >Recipe is finally inside again

  I missed these! Thanks!

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/17(Thu)22:55:06 No.3250179

  thanks, mom

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/17(Thu)23:06:12 No.3250182

  Thanks, mom!

>> [_] :v 06/01/17(Thu)23:35:07 No.3250191

  I'll try and keep it up, I will just complain in the margins.

>> [_] :v 06/01/17(Thu)23:59:38 No.3250196

  So has everyone noticed i'm a massive faggot yet

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/17(Thu)23:59:59 No.3250197


>> [_] Anonymous 06/02/17(Fri)00:37:15 No.3250210

  Ily anyways

>> [_] :v 06/02/17(Fri)00:41:52 No.3250215

  B-b-but I am
  I'm sorry anon you are late to the faggot party :L
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