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>> Drafyn 17jun2017(sa)21:01 No.50466 OP P1

Miku Gloryhole

I finally figured out how to keep the quality when converting a MPEG to SWF:D

[IMG] Miku Gloryhole.swf (51.26 MiB)
1280x720, Uncompressed. 7647 frames, 29.97 fps (04:15).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 17jun2017(sa)22:25 No.50470 A P2R1

not hard if you just pour bytes onto the file size. i suggest you try swfchan's tools instead
(check the bottom of every page). for best quality use Swiff Army Knife to make the H.264 .flv and
then put it into .swf with SwfH264.

for this video you're posting i wouldn't be surprised if you could double the visual quality and
still cut the file size in half

>> Anonymous 17jun2017(sa)22:47 No.50472 B P3R2

That was actually pretty good

>> Anonymous 17jun2017(sa)23:04 No.50473 C P4R3

source? ._.

>> Anonymous 17jun2017(sa)23:46 No.50474 D P5R4

I believe the maker could be Mantis-X
Have a check

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)04:02 No.50484 E P6R5

Man, this guys videos give me the most undecided boner I've yet experienced.
They're good and all, the scenes are well made.
But the facial expression of the loli characters just spill all my spaghetti for some reason.
It's the Ass Effect Andromeda of porn swfs.

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)08:19 No.50495 A P7R6

I believe you're right.

The video is actually pretty good, thanks OP! That site's good too, nice to see a video host that
allows you to download the source files without even needing to register. Is it also Japanese but
uncensored? Can't be legit based in Japan I assume?

Since I got the source file now I might as well demo what I said in >>50470 so I'll be uploading
"Miku Gloryhole HQ.swf" at half the file size but with better quality. Also increased the audio
volume since it was pretty quiet.

Except this time we want a little ass effect. ( ʘ̆╭͜ʖ╮ʘ̆)

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)13:23 No.50501 F P8R7
Miku Gloryhole by Mantis-X on 2017-03-02 06:08

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)21:02 No.50512 G P9R8

it sucks that this dude only has one single type of body model, same face syndrome, and pretty much
one set of uguuu voice clips for literally everything he makes

>> Anonymous 19jun2017(mo)08:13 No.50526 H P10R9

He just makes the same thing over and over again.

>> Anonymous 19jun2017(mo)10:13 No.50528 I P11R10

Yea but in the end all porn is just the same thing over and over.

>> Anonymous 19jun2017(mo)15:28 No.50531 J P12R11


>> Anonymous 20jun2017(tu)04:34 No.50540 K P13R12

Man, the internet never cease to amaze.

Also lul
dat patreon

> (All characters are 18+)


>> Anonymous 23jun2017(fr)10:28 No.50620 L P14R13

I've followed this guy a couple years back on youtube when he was making chen honk meme shitpost
vids. When I found out he does porn now, I was actually disappointed I didn't find out earlier.
Hard to believe that he's making almost $8k now.

Seems like he realized he has no talent for making actual animations with stories or jokes or
anything so he just decided to make porn. I like the style of his models, a bit samey compared to
each other but pretty unique compared to other people's models.

>> Anonymous 23jun2017(fr)11:28 No.50621 M P15R14

This is great,thank you op

>> Anonymous 3jul2017(mo)07:26 No.50889 N P16R15

Main thing I don't like about this guy's work is how the girls are always dolled up in whore
makeup, and nail polish, and tattoos too. I could maybe live with the makeup and nail polish, but
the tattoos are the one thing I can't get over. Just an instant bonerkill for me. Main reason I
have such a hard time watching and enjoying real porn, since 90% of girls in porn have an ugly
tattoo in a place where it's impossible to ignore.

>> Anonymous 14aug2017(mo)19:31 No.52484 O P17R16

>a bit samey compared to each other
its literally the same model with different hair. and he also constantly recycles motions

>> Anonymous 16aug2017(we)07:53 No.52541 P P18R17

not to mention he only has one set of voice clips that he uses for literally everyone except miku
which i think is just the same set with a filter on top. you could honestly do that same face thing
with all of his characters and they would probably overlay perfectly
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