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If the site isn't working like it should for you it is because EasyList (a set of filter rules used by your adblocker) has started to block the whole subdomain. This causes captchas to not load and the easy solution is to just disable the adblocker completely. Ironically this causes people using the EasyList ruleset to actually see more ads...

Since it's exceptionally easy to only block the actual ads on swfchan (no ads are actually served from swfchan's own domain) and because the current ruleset is actually causing visitors to see more ads I thought this matter would be quickly resolved. However, I have been trying to contact EasyList for over three weeks now with no response. Therefore I feel the need to ask my visitors to e-mail them as well to bring attention to this issue and show that regular users of EasyList care about swfchan, not just the guy running the site.

They have two e-mails: and The first one is the primary mail but I've sent mail to both and received a reply from neither. Have sent using different mail accounts as well so I know there was no sending issues on my end. I should have written this announcement earlier but this whole thing felt like such an open-and-shut case that I would never have imagined swfchan still being blocked like this after three weeks. Big thanks to anyone helping out!

Note: I'm not writing this because of money, the site's income is actually the same as before (less visitors but less blockers equal same ad views). I am however worried that in the long run, in a year or so, this may lead to less links leading to swfchan which would sure enough finally kill it off the web, especially with the dwindling flash support these days. I also don't think this is a fair practice by EasyList, there's no reason what-so-ever to block swfchan itself. I don't serve ads and an adblocker should block ad providers, not sites that use ad providers. I also don't limit anyone blocking ads from using the site in any way. It feels like the EasyList authors took just a minute to look at swfchan, said "fuck it" and proceeded to block the whole thing instead of only the ads.

So if you have a moment I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to e-mail them about this. Just be polite and ask EasyList to block only the ads on swfchan, not the actual content on swfchan itself. There's a discussion thread over here.

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>> Anonymous 13apr2017(th)17:10 No.48258 OP P1


[IMG] Undertail (v0.65) 18+ Parody.swf (8.53 MiB)
640x480, Compressed. 131 frames, 24 fps (00:05).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 13apr2017(th)18:55 No.48265 A P2R1

All right, so what's different here?
I̶f̶ ̶i̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ ̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ Oh wait, it's the same fucking thing that was posted way
No wonder there's no Temmie option.

>> Anonymous 13apr2017(th)23:03 No.48269 OP P3R2

Didn't know if it had been posted before or not.

Apparently it is no longer developed:

>This is the 0.65 release version of the parody game that Lumi and I have been working on. Far from
done, but we just wanted to get something out. At the moment only Toriel is implemented. There may
be more in the future. At the moment it is really just a bare bones functional piece.
>To be implemented in the future are more characters, more dialog, and more art for the battle.
>Arrows to move
>Z to select
>X to cancel
>C to open menu
>EDIT: As of the start of 2017, both Lumi and I are just not financially stable enough to pursue
this project anymore. We don't have time, so for now this project will not be updated for the
foreseeable future. Apologies to anyone who was excited about this

>> Anonymous 14apr2017(fr)05:15 No.48275 A P4R3

Aw damn. I was really looking forward to some new stuff. Thanks for letting me know though, OP.

>> Anonymous 14apr2017(fr)11:51 No.48283 B P5R4

>financially stable enough
just fucking draw and animate in your free time then. Sick of this bullshit "I need funding, give
me money" garbage.

>> Anonymous 14apr2017(fr)12:01 No.48284 OP P6R5

They were saying that they don't have free time left over for this project. As far as I know they
didn't even provide any way to donate to them.

>> Anonymous 15apr2017(sa)06:22 No.48308 A P7R6

Perhaps someone could take over the project for them, I guess. I mean, I would, if I was like
extremely fluent in ActionScript or whatever else is necessary for producing a flash game.

>> Anonymous 15apr2017(sa)09:00 No.48312 C P8R7

>didn't even provide any way to donate to them.
both of their patreons are displayed quite clearly on the main menu

>> Anonymous 15apr2017(sa)10:57 No.48314 OP P9R8

Whoops, you're right.

>> Anonymous 16apr2017(su)07:24 No.48353 D P10R9

>Things won't happen when you not buy them
Not everybody has 24 hours of free time to shitpost on the internet

>> Anonymous 16apr2017(su)13:41 No.48365 B P11R10

I didn't say that they have tons and tons of time. Just work on it whenever they do have the time
and post small updates or something. its less about how much free time they have, and more about
managing the time they do have.

>> Anonymous 16apr2017(su)14:06 No.48366 E P12

>Wasting perfectly good logic on the "It's FREE dogshit, you spoiled brat"™ faggot.
Anon, plz.

>> Anonymous 16apr2017(su)14:20 No.48367 F P13R11

Why people getting salty over this

>> Anonymous 17apr2017(mo)00:32 No.48382 G P14R12

because AnonB had a kneejerk 'I hate patreon' reaction cause they were (sort of) fishing for money

and AnonD and AnonE are beating on him hard cause they feel when you throw money at the right
people, good porn does get made

who gives a shit, the horse is already dead and the porn ain't getting made, move on

>> Anonymous 17apr2017(mo)04:31 No.48387 A P15R13

>the horse is already dead and the porn ain't getting made
Perhaps, but that didn't stop other people from beating their own dead horses.

>> Anonymous 17apr2017(mo)10:34 No.48396 B P16R14

Too true.
Also true.

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)12:54 No.49141 H P17R15

They're not required to spend their free time making shit for you, that's why it's called free
time, and why they want money for it- because they're giving up their free time to make shit for
you- which is basically the same as work.

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)15:16 No.49143 I P18R16

stop trying to suck their tiny cocks, fucking kiss-ass.
If you can't be bothered to make this stuff for free, just don't.
And if you need the money so badly, sell your fat ass on the streets, you cunts

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)16:51 No.49180 D P19R17

It's not "basically the same as work", it's quite literally work.

Not that >>49143 would know, because he apparently never worked in his life.
Man, even zone got a patreon now, and just for tips as he clearly proclaimed.
If you are able to do shit you like and still live from it, you're that much more a viable member
of society than sitting your ass off in some bullshit dayjob.

>> Anonymous 8may2017(mo)04:31 No.49234 J P20R18

They're literally being paid to produce a product. By definition that means that they are required
to work to produce that product.
What the fuck is up with these idiots who think that you're allowed to collect free checks without
doing anything in return? Would you also vehemently defend a contractor that took money and ran?

>> Anonymous 10may2017(we)19:20 No.49320 K P21R19

Oh, anon, but here is the thing. People are going to do whatever they feel like, with you bitching
or without.

For example, I can suggest you to commit suicide but I cannot see you to actually carry it out.

Soon enough you'll realize this is all pointless.

>> Anonymous 11may2017(th)09:11 No.49347 L P22R20

"Someone spent hours of time on art, programming and a little bit of dialogue for our fapping
purpose? Fuck them their time is worth nothing"

-Disgruntled anon who doesn't want artists and whatnot to be able to live off of what they do

>> Anonymous 11may2017(th)10:02 No.49349 M P23R21

"Just sacrifice your free time so that I can masturbate you selfish prick"

-several of this sites autistic users, apparently

>> Anonymous 12may2017(fr)00:21 No.49367 D P24R22

I think you mistook autism with being a dick, anon.

>> Anonymous 12may2017(fr)15:24 No.49387 N P25R23

Before the pletora of patreonbait, it was a thing.
Actually, it still is, people still do animated porn for fun and for free instead of patreonbaiting.
Granted, everyone likes money and when they see assholes and scammers like the flash above earning
more than their own family income for doing nothing at all, they also jump in the patreon bandwagon
and follow suit, "give me monis or I don't work", since they know it works.

>They're literally being paid to produce a product.
Plot twist, they are "not". See, if they agree to this obvious statement, they would be fucked up
for breaking fair-use for selling licensed IP stuff. So they are "only asking for donations"
*wink-wink* ;-) even when they state clear commissions prices("oh but they are not commission, they
are only gift to donators") and earn thousand of buxs using licensed famous IP. "It's only a
parody, bro. Chill, I'm not trying to make a living reselling your IP and copyrighted content"

>> Anonymous 12may2017(fr)15:40 No.49388 O P26R24

Damn, well said.
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