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   >> Anonymous 31may2017(we)07:26 No.50035 OP P1

   The sexual misadventures of Hayley - The author of this Harley Quinn parody game has put too
   much content in it, so the file has become too huge to publish it online. But a solution has
   been found. This is a short version of the game that contains only porn scenes. Please enjoy!

    the-sexual-misadventures-of-hayley.swf (12.51 MiB)
   800x600, Compressed. 10147 frames, 24 fps (07:03).
   Ver32, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
   Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
   [find in archive]

   >> Anonymous 31may2017(we)08:37 No.50037 A P2R1

   Fucking hell! That god damn beep at the start. Headphone fail.

   >> Anonymous 31may2017(we)14:39 No.50040 B P3R2

   This is some good shit props for the artist.

   >> Anonymous 31may2017(we)17:35 No.50043 C P4R3

   Animations not awful but those are some terrible SFX, especially that spell casting ass cumshot

   >> Anonymous 31may2017(we)22:43 No.50044 D P5R4

   >too huge to publish it online

   disregarding that there's nothing too huge to publish online, did he put the FLV version of an
   entire film or what in it?

   >> Anonymous 2jun2017(fr)01:41 No.50065 E P6R5

Its ok, can use some work on cum and her face in general, way to red and black.

   >> Anonymous 2jun2017(fr)11:55 No.50079 F P7R6

   White Supremacist plz leav

   >> Anonymous 2jun2017(fr)12:53 No.50081 G P8R7

   lol you're paranoid tyrone go back to spamming racist anti-white shit on 4chan or just hang out
   in your BLM safe-space

   Personally, I like the make-up, but I'm not sure how I feel about that high fever she's running.
   Pretty sure blushes don't extend to the forehead.
   I realize it's easier to just copy-paste the same face on the last two scenes, but it IS
   And yeah, the sounds are off. Way off. Sync the sfx with the fucking.
   But overall, great job.

   >> Anonymous 2jun2017(fr)13:21 No.50085 F P9R8

   Wow, you taste insecure af.

   >> Anonymous 2jun2017(fr)16:24 No.50090 G P10R9

   You seem angered :)

   >> Anonymous 2jun2017(fr)17:53 No.50092 F P11R10


   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)01:10 No.50109 H P12R11

   It does look super good, but as one anon above said, her face is way too red and it looks hella

   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)01:13 No.50110 I P13R12

   F: calm the fuck down, people aren't white supremacists when they make a simple critique ffs

   G: love you stay golden

   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)08:50 No.50116 F P14R13

   >being so driven to tears with anger that you actually comment on a site with that feature
   lol stay mad

   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)11:47 No.50118 G P15R14

   >so butt devastated you can't even read a single letter to check is someone's samefagging
   >assume everyone disagreeing with you is the same person, probably that meanie that keeps making
   fun of you at school
   keep replying :)

   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)11:58 No.50119 F P16R15

   kek underage virgin faggot buttblasted by lack of powsi

   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)12:47 No.50122 G P17R16

   oh my god you actually replied this is hilarious please keep going :)

   >> Anonymous 3jun2017(sa)12:50 No.50123 F P18R17

   okay mr racist virgin ;P

   >> Anonymous 9jun2017(fr)01:49 No.50289 J P19R18

   Every fucking thread lately has been getting hijacked by these retarded arguments. Nigger this,
   racist that. You people are fucking unbelievable.
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