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>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)11:17 No.48777 OP P1

JAV in a nutshell

enjoy your lightspeed-fapping :D

[IMG] JAV in a nutshell.swf (5.73 MiB)
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Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)13:41 No.48781 A P2R1

asian girls need to get on the train of shaving their pubes real fuckin fast

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)13:50 No.48782 B P3R2

>Wanting your women to look like children.

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)14:49 No.48788 A P4R3

because it's not like women try to look and act as young as possible themselves

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)15:01 No.48789 B P5R4

Hmm I wonder why.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)07:04 No.48820 C P6R5

No, step one needs to be STOP CENSORING PORN, then they can focus on shaving.

So anyone who doesn't want women with hairy legs and armpits really wants children, got it.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)07:44 No.48823 D P7R6

You wax first.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)10:30 No.48829 B P8R7

>The discussion was about legs and armpits
2/10 ur teh sux.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)11:01 No.48831 E P9R8

How are you so fucking retarded? They were clearly talking about pubes specifically, then you come
out of nowhere getting defensive about legs and armpits.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)12:43 No.48838 F P10R9

I don't know. In a world where all porn actress and even amateur ones are shaved, unshaved looks
exotic and exciting.

Ignore the retard.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)15:08 No.48848 OP P11R10

after decensoring and shaving, they should stop squeaking :D

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)17:25 No.48854 G P12R11

Hairy asians are the best in terms of porn content. Looking at shaved vaginas is like having a bald
pet, they just don't appeal to me visually. Though fucking hairy vaginas is a whole different
subject. So, my suggestion is to fap on hairy ones and fuck shaved ones.

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)02:17 No.48870 H P13R12

yall arguing about hair and armpits meanwhile im still trying to figure out what JAV even means.

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)03:25 No.48873 C P14R13

Wow, didn't think anyone would get so triggered by suggesting that wanting women to shave other
parts of their body doesn't make you any more or less of a pedo than wanting them to shave their

I always assumed it stood for Japanese Adult Video. Could be wrong though.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)07:04 No.48933 I P15R14

Shaving, fine. Censoring, I don't care much.
But that squealing isn't even attractive to pedos anymore.
Fucking japan. Hope they never change at all.

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)02:43 No.48974 A P16R15

You're free to not shave or wax but just know that the guy will leave you for someone more
attractive at the first chance. Unless you have a great personality of course but those that get
all in your face about what's expected from genders rarely carry that trait.

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)09:43 No.48989 J P17R16

That sounds suspiciously like you have no idea how sex or relationships work.
Not many guys would leave an otherwise good partner for something so trivial as whether or not they
By the time you find out they go natural, are you really about to decide you aren't going to fuck?

The only assholes who care who shaves either haven't gotten anyone else pants off in their lives or
are so supremely self absorbed that getting rid of them would be a good thing.
Shaven/unshaven is a preference and it's always nice to think of your partners preference with
these types of things but it's ultimately up to the individual.

That being said Being clean shaven makes for better Oral, and that goes both ways.

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)02:24 No.49066 K P18R17

lul all the fucking spergs in the comments trying to convince each other their opinion is the only
right one

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)03:40 No.49069 L P19R18

99% of the internet in a nutshell
and maybe cat videos.

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)12:37 No.49172 I P20R19

lul, people stating their opinions, like a real CONVERSATION, brah dude
where am I, real human bean internet site , LOLZ, autism

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)02:32 No.49198 M P21R20




>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)20:04 No.49276 N P22R21

>JAV in a nutshell
>no rape-like moaning
0/10, try again faggot

>> a 27may2017(sa)21:21 No.49897 O P23R22

anyone got sources on these clips

specifically that one with 4 girls in white

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)00:47 No.51019 P P24R23

I used to want girls to be shaved all the time when I was a teen and up through my twenties. When I
hit about thirty two or so I started really getting turned on by girl's pubes. I also find it extra
hot when a girl has a weird colored dye job, and they've dyed their pubes too, like hot pink, or
green or blue. I partially blame some of the uncensored hentai that show cute exotic colored pussy
hair, and partially blame the fact that I like the texture of a girl's fuzzy muff when I'm eating
her out. God damn I'm a huge fucking perv at 34.

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)06:43 No.51026 A P25R24

You misunderstand, they will leave before the relationship has even begun. If someone starts a
relationship with someone after knowing she doesn't shave down there he is obviously fine with it
and won't leave for that reason. You make it sound like it's common for someone to already have a
relationship with someone for months before they have sex.

Also (unrelated to you specifically), funny how some men think it's strange to expect a shaven
pussy but not strange to expect shaven armpits or shaven legs. Women should shave if they want
higher chance of competing with other women, simple as that. It's not men that decided they should
start shaving their armpits, legs and then pussy. Women decided that because they noticed men were
more attractive to it. Anyone is free to break the trend but it's there for a reason.

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)20:47 No.51050 Q P26R25

>implying jap bitches don't already cry like little girls when getting fucked

>> Anonymous 29jul2017(sa)22:17 No.51910 M P27R26


>> Anonymous 30jul2017(su)06:31 No.51945 R P28R27

>JAV in a nutshell
>no racecar sounds
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