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>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)03:37 No.50383 OP P1

Nympho Waifu++

Game by Marple Syrup

[IMG] nympho_web2_ng.swf (17.61 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 3 frames, 40 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)03:38 No.50384 OP P2

Non-potato version (120 mb)!srQwjSQJ!H2zeSx4hk7QLe5vV2FNtmBRod-SM_xKIO8sNG2XpIWA

>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)04:26 No.50386 A P3R1

Where's the patreon version

>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)04:39 No.50387 OP P4R2

the non-potato version is the patreon version... but I don't have the $10 patch for the rest of the
cheats, if that's what you mean

>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)08:56 No.50390 B P5R3

I cannot bring myself to cheat on waifu.

This is what years of /pol/ and /monster/ does. It gives you a fetish for handholding.

>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)19:13 No.50398 C P6R4

link is encrypted

>> Anonymous 14jun2017(we)21:55 No.50401 D P7R5

Two words... Esther Ftw

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)01:14 No.50402 E P8R6

Are you fucking kidding me? Are people seriously paying for old shitty CGs with terrible resolution
stolen from other artists?

Holy shit.

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)02:03 No.50404 F P9R7

A sucker is born every minute.

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)02:43 No.50405 OP P10R8

non-potato version is 1600x800. just sayin'

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)02:43 No.50406 OP P11

i mean 1600x1200.

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)09:18 No.50408 G P12R9

Umm dude, as that anon stated:

>old shitty CGs with terrible resolution stolen from other artists

Even a decent resolution still makes everything this guy said true. Polished shit is still shit.

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)10:29 No.50409 OP P13R10

>"old shitty CGs with terrible resolution"
>Even a decent resolution still makes everything this guy said true.

no, it obviously doesn't, idiot

>> Anonymous 15jun2017(th)16:41 No.50414 G P14R11

Umm yes it does moron. Decent resolution or not, they're still old, shitty CGs stolen from other
artists. Again, polished shit is still shit. Please think carefully before calling someone an idiot
next time.

>> Anonymous 16jun2017(fr)11:43 No.50439 H P15R12

Are you sure? It seems like the version in the is a earlier version.

>> Anonymous 17jun2017(sa)09:43 No.50459 I P16R13

>CGs with terrible resolution
>Even a decent resolution still makes everything this guy said true
>terrible resolution
>decent resolution
>Everything this guy said true

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)03:33 No.50479 J P17R14

Still waiting for that $10 patch. I'm broke as shit, and also lazy.

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)04:13 No.50487 K P18R15

Yeah, with this you kinda lost your face, Anon G.
Not that I don't agree with >>50402
Minus the resolution thing maybe.

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)04:27 No.50488 OP P19R16

Why? What's different?

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)04:27 No.50489 OP P20

HOw's it different?

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)14:01 No.50503 G P21R17

OK I explained poorly.
Bottom line: This is shit. Anyone defending this shit is also shit. End of story.

>> Anonymous 18jun2017(su)15:39 No.50504 L P22R18

I disagree. I don't give a shit where the art came from. It's an awesome game, if too short.

>> Anonymous 20jun2017(tu)18:35 No.50555 M P23R19

>a game
anon, pls

>> Anonymous 22jun2017(th)04:27 No.50578 N P24R20

just shut up

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)14:17 No.50670 OP P25R21

Can you get more than 8 endings?

>> Anonymous 28jun2017(we)14:01 No.50751 O P26R22

can you post the walkthrough?
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