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>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)21:33 No.49191 OP P1

Went back and made some very minor adjustments to the colors.

[IMG] not_new_peach - mouse - no_x-ray fixed v2.swf (7.31 MiB)
500x700, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)23:31 No.49192 A P2R1

Thank you for this fix. The fact is that very few want brown/blacks in their fap material, and you
delivered appropriately.

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)23:35 No.49193 B P3R2

we appreciate it but please dont upload a million versions with minor differences

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)23:42 No.49194 OP P4R3

Yeah sorry about that, my fault for not getting it right the first time.

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)23:45 No.49195 C P5R4


It's better now, thanks OP.

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)23:57 No.49196 D P6R5

I like how you assume your little circlejerk here on swfchan somehow embodies the whole of the

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)00:08 No.49197 C P7R6

U a gud boi, u ain't be doin nuffin wrong, lookatchu u abouta get yo lyfe together an shiet. U on
ur way to church fam, u be on da gud paff now cuz? #BLM #HandsUpPantsDown #KillAllCrackaz

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)06:24 No.49202 E P8R7

Wow, what?

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)08:07 No.49203 B P9R8

strange how few black porn stars there are compared to white ones, isn't it?

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)13:07 No.49210 F P10R9

Back to the cuck shed with you.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)13:52 No.49211 G P11R10

And I like how you assume that he was talking about the whole internet.

>strange how few black porn stars there are compared to white ones, isn't it?
There are a lot less black people in the US (and europe) in general. They are actually far over
represented in most media (including porn) ...and yet they cry around that they get 'excluded'.

But if you mean the female ones in proportion, that's because the only black woman that look
somewhat decent look almost like white ones with darker skin.

And the reason black men are in porn is the BBC myth but most of the time in porn they actually
wear some weird plastic/rubber penis extension thingy. They are just as small or big as everybody
And the sole reason this BBC myth exists at all is that people are to fucking dumb to understand
basic biology.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)18:03 No.49214 A P12R11

Well, the reality is that literally every study in social psycology, social interaction,
relationships, marriage, and economics states that very few people would ever choose black/brown
skin (especially regarding males) for any reason, including sexual. Hell, interracial porn
involving black/brown males makes little to no profit at all. Think blacked is an exception? It had
to expand into lesbian porn and into things like Tushy and Vixen (purely white males) and be
supported by a cucked financier to stay afloat, and even then it's going under.

Why does anyone see black/brown males in 2d porn? Because of the few cucked/delusional/plain "muh
diversity" types that produce (protip, they get far less clicks than anything else). Besides, it's
just insulting to see black/brown males on white - especially the iconic blonde/blue eyes white.
There's no way to interpret that other than a (delusional) claim to racial supremacy. Never thought
you learn something on swfchan.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)18:50 No.49215 H P13R12

>Testosterone has been shown to darken skin color

Males have darker skin than females.
Darker males are more attractive and less-tanned females are more attractive(chinks and japs are
even obsessed with it).

Stop being so delusional.

INB4: "hurr derp wikipedia" check the sources

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)19:38 No.49218 A P14R13

Hurr derp you really can't cite vaguely worded sources (dark as in one shade "dark"?, and how many
times has the study been confirmed by other studies - very little derp) as evidence. Also, japs and
chinks are not obsessed with it, some are where its a niche fetish derp. Finally, nothing you
stated denies the mountains of evidence already cited to the contrary.

Stay mad kid.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)19:47 No.49219 C P15R14

Well "studies" also show that halfbreeds are more attractive than purebloods. Wonder who's pushing
that bullshit.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)19:57 No.49220 A P16R15

That's the kicker. Most "studies" come from very few, ideological sources pushing agendas. That's
why simple data analysis into reality (as in, numbers and surveys and so on) are the only real
tell. The reality is, most don't like "dark" skin unless they are already "dark" skinned. Most will
always choose their own kind, even for entertainment, and have little to no attraction to others.
Most porn (read, almost all porn, 2D and 3D) is same skin-on-skin (how's that for your "darker is
more attractive" shit. Any attempt to the contrary reeks of agenda pushing or some autistic
fetishist going overboard.

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)20:19 No.49222 I P17


>literally every study
>doesn't even link to one
>gives others shit for producing sources

Cool hypocrisy.

>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)12:01 No.49264 J P18R16

Do a character switch button, or all three at once side by side

>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)12:10 No.49265 K P19R17

>or all three at once side by side

Kek, now I want the guy striped 3 different colours like ice cream in a tub.

>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)12:32 No.49266 L P20R18

Fuck why is the guy's color always copypasted from the girl? Is this a limitation in flash
recompiling? Make him a different shade of white, holy fuck.

>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)18:31 No.49272 M P21R19

I don't know about all the other stuff he was talking about, but I DO remember that some dating
site run a research (well, it was just datamining, really) to see which races/ethnicities were
popular, and which were not.

I just image googled "dating preferences ethnicity", and there's a bunch of graphics from many such
studies pointing to the same thing: women desire white men the most, and black men the least
(though one such study included indians, which got an even worse score).

The "Superior black male taking women from inferior whiteys/asians/eskimos" brand of porn is really
just blacksploitation at best. It has no basis in reality.

>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)22:05 No.49284 N P22R20

>INB4: "hurr derp wikipedia" check the sources
Yeah, about that:
You are literally too fucking dumb to read!
The article you are linking to says the opposite of what you are saying!
>Testosterone has been shown to darken skin color in laboratory experiments.[103] Despite this, the
aesthetics of skin tone varies from culture to culture. Manual laborers who spent extended periods
of time outside developed a darker skin tone due to exposure to the sun. As a consequence, an
association between dark skin and the lower classes developed. Light skin became an aesthetic ideal
because it symbolized wealth. "Over time society attached various meanings to these colored
differences. Including assumptions about a person's race, socioeconomic class, intelligence, and
physical attractiveness

>Light skin became an aesthetic ideal
>[...]Including assumptions about [...] intelligence, and physical attractiveness.

Learn to read you fucking idiot!

>> Anonymous 9may2017(tu)22:58 No.49289 N P23

>Most porn (read, almost all porn, 2D and 3D) is same skin-on-skin
You are right, but it actually gets even better. Or worse, depending on your point of view on the
When it comes to drawn porn there are two main reason 'darker skin' on 'lighter skin' porn exists
at all:

1) Some hartists use darker skin simply for the sake of contrast in a drawing.
Since most attractive fictional woman are light skinned (just like in real life...) these hartists
will pair them with darker skinned 'faceless males'.
Perfect proof for this beeing done simply for contrast is the fact that for the few dark skinned
females drawn the 'faceless male' is almost always light skinned.
Go to any rule34 site and check for yourself. On top of that, most of the exceptions you'll find
are actually edits.

2) Another thing is the japanese social structure and hentai.
As in the wikipedia article that one 'genius' linked darker skin equals lower working class and in
japan this association is much stronger than in the west.
Showing the male with a darker skin tone is literally done so they can show the 'low-lives' getting
laid to suggest that the reader could do the same, regardless of social status, and therefore
appeal to a wider audience.
At the same time the girl/woman looks even lighter skinned in comparison, which makes her more

If you account for this, the numbers look a bit different, don't they?

>> Anonymous 10may2017(we)03:43 No.49300 OP P24R21

Wish there was a version with Bowser as the male

>> Anonymous 10may2017(we)03:43 No.49301 OP P25

I wish there was a version with Bowser as the male. I know fuck all about flash and this edit was
easy to do so I can't do it myself.

>> Anonymous 10may2017(we)03:43 No.49302 OP P26

Whoops, double post.

>> Anonymous 11may2017(th)01:35 No.49333 O P27R22

I assume it's less about showing Mr.NEET he can get laid and more about adding to most rape/forced
sex situations to even further up the disgrace the women brings to their family which will turn
Mr.NEET on even more.

Also: is it okay for black artists to draw black women? would they do the same bullshit sticking to
white character models?

>> Anonymous 11may2017(th)18:38 No.49357 P P28R23

>is it okay for black artists to draw black women? would they do the same bullshit sticking to
white character models?
I'm not sure what you mean with "ok". I'm also not sure what you mean with "the same bullshit".
As far as I kow, even black artists don't really like black women...
or rather it doesn't change the fact that most fictional women (rule34) simply aren't black.
Off the top of my head I can only think of Yoruichi(Bleach), Shantae(Shantae games), and
Korra(Avatar). And when you check the rule34 stuff with them they are almost always paired with
light skinned guys (for the sake of contrast, as I mentioned before)
If at all, black artists are more likely to draw actually dark skinned faceless males.
It's just human nature to 'cater' to your own liking, so I can't really criticize them for that.
What's gong on my nerves a bit though are the tons and tons of stupid blacked edits.

>> Anonymous 11may2017(th)18:56 No.49358 I P29R24


That shows a few graphs that basically say that Asian women get the highest response rates on
online dating sites. Not sure how that figures into the current discussion.

>> Anonymous 12may2017(fr)19:55 No.49396 Q P30R25

mixed race is ideal for genetic diversity. might as well post something thats long been known to be
true and accepted by the scientific community as a whole, instead of squabbling over what's more
attractive, which outside of proper proportions with slight asymmetry, is very hard to measure.
there's been many different phases throughout history, but typically females have used makeup that
either lightens or color compliments the base skin tone, and very rarely darkens. as for men, well,
it used to be that light skin was associated with wealth. now it's quite the opposite. as most jobs
are indoors these days, having a tan is a sign of having excess time/money to vacation and thus
typically associated with wealth. there isnt really a direct link between money and getting laid,
but its more of an unspoken truth of how people want resources. the person with more resources
makes for a more suitable mate. but that's just an entirely unscientific stringing of statements.
mixed race means
more genetic diversity, which has been found to manifest into taller and smarter children, and
overall humans have been getting taller and smarter over the last 500 years. go in an 18th century
ship and you'll realize anyone even approaching 6 feet tall is going to have a bad time.

>> Anonymous 12may2017(fr)20:20 No.49398 C P31R26

>mixed race is ideal for genetic diversity.
It's also ideal for hybrid sterility.

>> Anonymous 12may2017(fr)23:46 No.49401 R P32R27

You're all fucking stupid. Stop with this shit.

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)07:44 No.49409 A P33R28

Except that it isn't because it's been known and accepted by the entire scientific community for a
long time that there are only so many genetic modifications that the human body can maintain
(roughly 30), and many potential modifications are mutually exclusive. This means that mixing
results in lack of ability to adequately deal with the environment they are not meant for. These
"everyone mix so we can all become stale brown" lies need to stop, and they should be fought
wherever they are found. It literally destroys all types of "diversity".

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)09:28 No.49415 S P34R29

hybrid sterility occurs across much greater differences of DNA, such between neanderthals and
modern humans, modern race mixing is nowhere near this

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)09:54 No.49416 T P35R30


>[...]it used to be that light skin was associated with wealth. now it's quite the opposite. as
most jobs are indoors these days, having a tan is a sign of having excess time/money to vacation
and thus typically associated with wealth.
This is not how this works. This is not how any of this works.
First of all: Just because jobs are indoors now doesn't mean that the ideal, which came to be over
decades, is just suddenly gone. That simply isn't how associations in the human mind work.
Also actually rich people that worked for it spend most of their time, well, working. Not tanning.
Look around in the streets for men with a tan. A good chunk of them are not wealthy, they are
superficial douchebags basically bathing in tanning lotion. They live to make party, not to make a
*cough* Jersey Shore *cough*

>mixed race means more genetic diversity, which has been found to manifest into taller and smarter
children, and overall humans have getting taller and smarter over the last 500 years.
Oh boy, now we are getting into serious bullshit territory!
Yes, people are getting taller... because there is more and better food.
It has nothing to do with mixing races. If that were the case, why are the chinese getting taller
as well? Last time I checked the chinese weren't so fond of mixing with other races.
Same goes for intelligence: It has nothing to do with race, it's education. If you educate people
over several generations the average person will be smarter with each generation. I think that this
might have to do with epigenetics, but I'm not completely sure about that. I'm not a biologist. I'm
just a guy on the net with a functioning common sense.

That's the funny thing:
Black people would be as smart as anyone else if they would just get educated over the generations.
But due to 'black culture' education is considered a 'white' thing.
That's racism from blacks against blacks, just like black people call others things like 'Uncle
Tom' and for some reason that is ok for the left.
But yeah, lets keep blaming the white people for everything, the ones that actually build the
western world and still try to improve themselves.

Ugh... sorry for that little rant at the end. I'm just so annoyed and tired of this shit.
Everywere is this retarded left propaganda (I'm looking at porn here for fucks sake!) and when you
do as much as simply question what they say you are suddenly a Nazi.
It's so fucking mind-boggling!

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)11:17 No.49417 C P36R31

>modern race mixing is nowhere near this
>and the best way to avoid ending there is to just keep mixing goys.
Why does a mongrel have lower fertility than both of it's parents? Why are Mules and Ligers mostly
sterile? Wild animals have isolating mechanisms and don't interbreed naturally.
That's the reason when we, humans, force interbreeding by pairing 2 animals with no fail-safe
against each other the result ends up mostly sterile, like with Mules and Ligers.

Take a look at why the birthrate in Africa isn't falling, because they aren't racemixing. Lost a
kid to famine? No worries, just shit out 3 more, that'll help.
One of the many excuses used to kill white Europe, is exactly "Falling birthrates" and Europe
wouldn't have had those current rates if not for a combination of racemixing and systematic
destruction of the family unit in the first place.
The U.S is the same, it's been bombarded by "You need to mix for diversity goy" since the late
50's, same effect, the pure black non-mixing community get 8 children each and promptly jump on
welfare. Lose a kid to a drive-by? No worries, just shit out 3 more, that'll help. White Americans
are saturated with the anti-family messages, mix or don't get children, women should be workers not
housekeepers, you need to have sex with as many people as possible from as young an age as
possible, don't ever get married and if you do, cheat and then divorce over trivial shit and take
all his money then repeat with a new man.

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)11:24 No.49418 C P37

>Ow me no like thinking... brain hurt... I no understand... you stupid!

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)11:39 No.49419 K P38R32

The fuck is this nigger talking about? Take off your tinfoil hat and go take your meds.

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)11:41 No.49420 C P39


>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)11:42 No.49421 M P40R33

>there isnt really a direct link between money and getting laid
aaaand you're full of shit.
Also, race mixing isn't a bad thing, true... so long as it's a WHITE MAN fucking women of other

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)13:36 No.49424 M P41

>Black people would be as smart as anyone else if they would just get educated over the
generations. But due to 'black culture' education is considered a 'white' thing.
That's actually wrong, blacks have, on average, smaller brains...
...and there IS a relation between brain size and IQ...
...which is why, blacks are legitimately less intelligent than all other races.

That said, the culture they are brought up in is probably also a factor. And the culture of
american blacks is, indeed, self destructive garbage. Perpetually viewing yourself as a victim of
some great imaginary injustice and demanding reparations from everyone while doing nothing to
improve yourself, glorifying crime and violent behaviour while demonizing intelligence and
temperance, hedonistically impregnating random women and running away from the responsibility of
raising your own child, therefore turning it into the same self-hating, entitled, irrational,
egotistical, victim-complex ridden sociopath is not helping anyone, least of all your own people.

Also, I'd have to agree with the rest of your post.

Hoo boy, where do I start. First of all:
>Why does a mongrel have lower fertility than both of it's parents?
As I'm looking into this, I'm literally finding evidence to the contrary

>Why are Mules and Ligers mostly sterile?
Because donkeys mating with horses and lions mating with tigers isn't cross-RACE breeding, it's
cross-SPECIES breeding.
As the anon you're replying to said, hybrid sterility occurs when two entities with vastly
different genetic code breed. In example, when two entities of different species breed. The
difference in genetic code between any two human races are small.

>That's the reason when we, humans, force interbreeding by pairing 2 animals with no fail-safe
against each other the result ends up mostly sterile, like with Mules and Ligers.
What are you even talking about? "fail-safe against each other"?

>Take a look at why the birthrate in Africa isn't falling, because they aren't racemixing. Lost a
kid to famine? No worries, just shit out 3 more, that'll help.
>racemixing = practicing r reproductive strategy

>One of the many excuses used to kill white Europe,
>"You need to mix for diversity goy"
You're one of /those/ people.
Look friend, don't believe everything you here on the internet. Especially on fucking 4chan. At
best, you're trading one indoctrination for another.

Though I have to point out, the "race-mixing is the way to the future!" progressive meme is pretty
much just that. It's based on two premises, first: incest results in unhealthy offspring, which is
true... though keep in mind, incest is an extreme case, so this argument is kind of a false
dichotomy fallacy. The other premise is called hybrid virility, the concept that offspring of two
different breeds is going to be smarter, stronger, healthier, and overall genetically superior to
it's parents. What's actually happening, is that mixing two genetic codes, can result in offspring
with unexpected differences. And about 50% of the time, those differences will be percieved as
"genetically superior" by the people that observe them. In example: crops that yield more seeds,
plants that grow faster, dogs that live longer. Not only is the reasoning behind this argument
faulty, but human races are so similar, that there really aren't any notable differences between
mixed-race offspring and
it's parents. The only notable thing is that average intelligence of black and non-black offspring
is higher than the average of the two... though that can probably be accredited to such children
not being held back by being raised in black culture.

TL;DR: blacks are dumb, pol go home, race mixing is neither glorious nor despicable

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)14:32 No.49431 C P42R34

You're finding all this evidence to the contrary of what I claim, yet you don't know what I mean by
"fail-safe against each other"
>The difference in genetic code between any two human races are small.
Small is all it takes, especially in Biology and Chemistry.
I'll give you that the Liger/Mule was a retarded example, given the fact we don't even agree on the
basis of the argument. It's not like anyone is going to be allowed to categorize more than 1
species of Human anyway in [CURRENT YEAR], as that would be very rayciss, fashisd and wyte
subremacits if them.
>You're one of /those/ people.
Nope, /pol/ didn't even exist when I ran from that Facebook v2.0 shithole. I used "White Europe"
for exactly the same reason I used "White America" I could've simply written "Europe" and be
instantly countered with any of the mixed places within Europe. They don't need diversity, they
already have it. No point in campaigning there anymore.
>>racemixing = practicing r reproductive strategy
I see your "What." and raise you a "wut?"
So you'll have me believe that the increased birthrate in 3rd world countries is based solely on
hardships = more babies needed and that 3rd world countries being racially pure(r) is just a
How does that take into account the mixed + hardships drops in fertility or the pure - hardships
base fertility?

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)15:10 No.49432 K P43R35

You must have been cucked so bad to end up this racist xD

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)15:13 No.49433 C P44

Joke's on you, I've never even kissed a girl!

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)16:07 No.49434 K P45

That doesn't surprise me tbh. Yeah guess the joke's on me then, right? LOL

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)16:25 No.49435 C P46

It sure is. Like I'm gonna go around and get yucky cooties from lame girls when I can instead yell
at them from my tree fort with all mah niggas tbf fam smdh keklmaorofl tbh.

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)17:06 No.49437 OP P47R36

Good thread everyone

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)18:34 No.49439 U P48R37

Board war now, gas the /pol/cunts.

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)20:27 No.49443 A P49R38

The mixed-race being presented wouldn't be a problem in [CURRENT YEAR] if it wasn't being pushed so
hard by certain groups with agendas and those sheep that have followed them and ended up in places
of content production/media gatekeeping. Government data and relational site data all prove that
race-mixing hardly happens, and when it does it's not with blacks/browns. Lighter skins almost
always stick with lighter skins, same with darker.

The problem is that there is a VERY obvious agenda being pushed by the aforementioned types. So,
whenever any representation of mixed-race is shown in current times there is a VERY reasonable lash
back at it because, let's face it, a white with anything other than a lighter skinned person
results in a black/brown person, with very few exceptions. There's no way to see that as anything
other than the slow death of lighter-skinned people. From an aesthetic position, that's terrible.

If there was no very obvious agenda pushing (hell, turn on ESPN for the worst of it - count how
many lighter skinned people you actually see - it's really low and frequently they try to show
black male-white female relationships in their media) this probably wouldn't be so much of a
problem because most people know in reality the mixing almost never happens and very few care for

>> Anonymous 13may2017(sa)23:09 No.49447 V P50R39

>this thread

Jesus anon, there's a time and a place.

>> Anonymous 14may2017(su)06:50 No.49450 W P51R40

>Autisminus8 is a north korean brownskinned jew who is pushing an racemixing agenda for drawing a
tanned/hairy italian

Why don't you just accept you are paranoid retard?

Lack of contrast in porn is bad and unrealistic, every hentai features a darker dick(sometimes a
pitch-black cock for avoiding censorship).
Even in a same-race couple, the man is darker than the female(except when tanned female is part of
the fetish), every pornsite frontpage will show it, be it amateur real couples or hentai booru.
Besides, dick skin is more dark than the rest of the body in most males.

It's not an agenda, it's being realistic: men, be it because melanin, be it because bodyhair, have
a darker body than their female counterpart and dicks are even darker.

>> Anonymous 14may2017(su)07:15 No.49451 A P52R41

There's a shade lower, and there's completely brown/black skin. Learn the difference.

>> Anonymous 14may2017(su)10:08 No.49459 I P53

ITT: Insecure 12-year-olds parrot the ideology of their pro-segregation daddies.


[IMG]brown scale.jpg

>> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)22:54 No.49543 X P54R42

Actually, you are both correct.

This is just beyond weird:
This thread is like 50% facts and 50% autistic screeching and sometimes even both in the same
And a few here are actually putting in some effort and research.
What gives?

>> Anonymous 20may2017(sa)06:12 No.49664 O P55R43

The Internet

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