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[_] Dear /f/, what is the song here? Dear /f/, what is the song here? 04/21/17(Fri)08:41:22

  Dear /f/, what is the song here?

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)08:42:28 No.3236449


>> [_] Dear /f/, what is the song here? 04/21/17(Fri)08:58:44 No.3236452


  Is this keylogger? Because obviously no answer for my querstion

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)09:17:48 No.3236456


  Resize the window to reveal the source

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)09:23:11 No.3236459

  It's just a moving picture showing you to resize your window so open the flash and make the
  window tall and narrow.
  I'm genuinly curious how often do you visit here? I mean haven't you seen someone saying resize
  your window?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)11:10:32 No.3236474

  newfag lmao

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)11:34:21 No.3236478

  I wonder how many lurkers appreciate this board

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:18:29 No.3236529

  I love this glorious faggot that spouts this memelink.

  All it does is show grandma how to drag a window border to resize it, it bears no relevance to
  the fact that doing this to a flash will typically spill the sauce.

  Not all new/f/riends are aware of sauce drop, so computerhope is just an autistic whinge.

  Sonic there is trying to tell you to resize the window so you can see the space below the flash's
  canvas. It is there.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)15:00:47 No.3236562

  This comment has been post 79 times. I hope I'm here for the day that it gets to 1,000.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:10:56 No.3236589

  >Not looping it forward and backward
  Drives my balls up the wall.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:31:19 No.3236598

  Rjd2 - Ghostwriter

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:33:23 No.3236600

  >I'm Sonic and a memester
  I can safely say I've achieved a lot in this life
  me too, buddy, me too

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:47:10 No.3236602

  just out of curiousity, how come you cant share links on /f/ anymore? i click on the main link
  and my computer tries to download it now. I used to be able to copy the link on a new tab and
  share it with a friend

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)16:53:26 No.3236605

  Right click on the link and hit copy link location.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)17:00:37 No.3236608

  Yep i do that and then when i paste the link . swf then it immeditely
  tries to download and says this file may be harmful to my computer. it didnt always do this, one
  day it just suddenly started to try and force download everything from here. which sucks cause
  ive been coming here less and less since i cant share this stuff with friends anymore

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)17:06:38 No.3236610

  Are you using Chrome? Chrome reset it's plugin settings a while back, which fucked up /f/. You
  gotta re-enable the Chrome flash player and it should fix it.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)17:07:49 No.3236611

  >he uses chrome
  it autoupdates and it just doesn't ask for your permition

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)18:06:09 No.3236622

  watch for the daily How To Fix Flash thread.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)18:09:12 No.3236623

  yessss that fixed it, thank you so much!

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)18:10:42 No.3236624

  FYI chrome://plugins no longer works, search "fix flash" in 4plebs and follow instructions on the
  newest hit, that works. Would give details but on mobile at work :<
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