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File: Haruhi Mot v 0.1.swf-(6.21 MB, 1920x1080, Loop)
[_] Motivational Flash TruthSOSeeker 05/19/17(Fri)13:19:56 No.3245874

  Heya! So this is my second attempt at using the supremely outed flash. I'm mostly making this for
  myself, but figure I would share it here, to get feedback and such.

  In this flash, there are currently only 4 different dialogues on refresh, I plan on having 30+
  for the final version. I plan on adding a clock, similar to another flash.

  If you notice any bugs/grammatical errors, let me know so I can fix them.

  Also, the music kind of sounds like cancer. I imported the song as a wav file, and it seems to
  have lowered the quality a good bit. Anyone know a fix? I plan on making an updated verson
  tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)13:33:49 No.3245876

  go to library, find the wav, right click, properties. compress as mp3, set bitrate to max, set
  quality to best and uncheck convert stereo to mono
  and you're done
  it's elementary

  also you can set your own profile
  go to file, publish settings and change audio stream and eventto max possible settings

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)13:37:34 No.3245878

  also the music just stopped so I assume you left "repeat" in the properties of the frame the
  audio is in
  change it to "loop" for it to loop forever

  >Problems are not MENT to stop you, but to give you GUIDENCE
  it's supposed to be meant and guidance

  just google all the phrases and it will show you how it's properly spelled

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)13:42:57 No.3245879

  >Setting goals is the first step to achiving them.
  >Problems are not ment to stop you, but to give you guidence.
  *meant and *guidance
  >What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become.
  >Things always seem impossible until they are done.
  Also, flash isn't outdated.

>> [_] TruthSOSeeker 05/19/17(Fri)13:43:02 No.3245880

  Much better! Yeah, even if it's elementary, I only fiddle with flash cause it's fun. I barely
  know anything outside of youtube tut's.

  I didn't have loop on, it was set to repeat 1. Loop seems to have fixed that. Also, yeah, my
  spelling/grammar sucks. I never was good at English. Googling seems like a good solution. I feel
  silly for not thinking of that. lol

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)15:11:08 No.3245913

  fix the horrible spelling please. It's not motivational to get a pat on the back from someone
  seemingly retarded

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)15:29:58 No.3245922

  Sorry but its shit, its gay, the music is gay, and the motivators will be cocksucking shit.
  Really stop making swfs and go back to wank to mlp.

>> [_] TruthSOSeeker 05/19/17(Fri)17:10:01 No.3245959

  This is clearly the best mindset. Surely giving up is teh best option.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)18:57:38 No.3245995

  This. Why would I get motivated by a failure?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)19:07:43 No.3245997

  is there a source for the music?

>> [_] TruthSOSeeker 05/19/17(Fri)19:28:14 No.3246002

  version 0.1

>> [_] TruthSOSeeker 05/19/17(Fri)19:33:57 No.3246003

  All I know is it's a song from an anime called Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. :P
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