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>> Anonymous 11jun2017(su)08:59 No.50331 OP P1

[IMG] swf.swf (706.9 KiB)
600x600, Compressed. 124 frames, 24 fps (00:05).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> UnitedAirline 29jun2017(th)14:39 No.50777 A P2R1

So.. what the title of the game?

>> Anonymous 3jul2017(mo)02:21 No.50881 B P3R2

the name is How to Discipline a Shoplifting Girl by JSK

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)12:26 No.51034 C P4R3

excellent upload but goofy filename for some reason

also most things in the game are translated but not the actual title

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)15:42 No.51043 D P5R4


>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)17:27 No.51046 E P6R5

it should've been called jpg.swf now i cant fap to this

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)19:51 No.51048 C P7R6

what's broken?

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)04:02 No.51060 F P8R7

Sex scenes, as always
Are you fucking serious?

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)04:03 No.51061 G P9R8

JSK files are almost never a single swf file.

The fact that the sex scenes are different swf files entirely.

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)04:07 No.51063 F P10R9

Once I saw .swf here that was actually working, though it was a single file. What magic is this?

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)17:54 No.51081 C P11R10

Whoops, didn't actually get that far... But hey, excellent upload, right?

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)18:15 No.51084 H P12R11

>machine translation

>> Anonymous 9jul2017(su)20:55 No.51143 I P13R12

Either one of the older ones, or Anon has found a way to unify them into a single one.
It's not that impossible, just that it has to be done specifically for every single game and can't
just be mass produced by some simple edit.

>> Anonymous 11jul2017(tu)07:01 No.51184 J P14R13

Anyone know about the different endings?
I've gotten the sex crazed lunatic and the submissive slave ones but there generally is more in
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