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This is resource MRBSHTI, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:20/3 -2017 23:37:18

Ended:21/3 -2017 05:05:38

Checked:21/3 -2017 05:28:38

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Recognized format: Yes, thread post count is 7.
Discovered flash files: 1

File: watfuk.swf-(4.97 MB, 550x400, Loop)
[_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:34:32 No.3226670

  I'm tired.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:37:24 No.3226672

  you dropped your shitty emoticon: :V

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:41:23 No.3226676

  I would never be retarded enough to namefag

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:51:59 No.3226678

  so are you the original fag? or the one mocking him?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:53:02 No.3226680

  nvm it's just a reupload of :v

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)19:09:01 No.3226684

  what can I say, this one is actually quite nice
  didn't even know that retard was the one that made it
  into the quarantine folder it goes, then

>> [_] Anonymous 03/21/17(Tue)00:05:16 No.3226788

  It burns babby not to be able to walk, doesn't it?
  Go ahead and amaze us with your anonymous Flash skills, faggot, or STFU.

  In the meantime, me, :v, and the rest of /f/'s benefactors will continue to cast OC pearls before
  you swine while you wallow in your bacon-double-assburgers.
  Oh, remind me again what triggers you, so I can make more of that kind of content. :^)
Created: 20/3 -2017 23:37:18 Last modified: 21/3 -2017 05:28:42 Server time: 25/04 -2017 08:31:21