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>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)14:40 No.48785 OP P1

[IMG] School Breeding Orgy.swf (1.34 MiB)
960x640, Compressed. 6 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)16:39 No.48793 A P2R1

Surprisingly good. This guy has actually improved a lot; I like the ability to hide other
characters and shit. Real good.

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)16:52 No.48795 B P3R2

Patreon code please

>> Anonymous 26apr2017(we)18:18 No.48797 C P4R3

Code for full customization is unlocked in-game. Didn't see any obvious missing features otherwise,
unlike previous games.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)01:02 No.48812 D P5R4

Man, the anatomy is spot on and other weird animation issues are gone.
>Seeing this flash is a collab
Oh, that's what's up.

Wouldn't jump the gun, would appreciate if they continue this level of quality but I have been
mistaken often enough.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)07:59 No.48826 E P6R5


>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)12:31 No.48836 F P7R6

Are you fucking kidding me? Who the fuck uses Uppermost's songs in a porn game. It's really
distracting and no amount of mute options will change that because I used to listen to this song
daily back in the day.
Uppermost - Beautiful light

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)13:22 No.48842 G P8R7

His obsession with being against porn is still just as unusual.

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)14:13 No.48846 H P9R8

It's a cover. He's against the "abuse" of real women in porn but most of his porn is rape and abuse
It's like when pedophiles are the first and loudest to threaten and call to violence against
assumed pedophiles.
Or when you accuse a thief of stealing and he takes bigger offense than If you had just shot his

>> Anonymous 27apr2017(th)20:15 No.48858 I P10R9

anyone else cant get the code to work? doesnt do shit for me

>> Anonymous 28apr2017(fr)21:12 No.48908 J P11R10

Suddenly, 1984 doesn't seem so bad.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)00:11 No.48911 K P12R11

1984's world was pretty good. If you were an uneducated idiot.

Free alcohol, porn, etc.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)07:01 No.48932 L P13R12

I guess it comes from the fact that drawing porn and making porn with real humans, as drawing porn
of minors and actually raping minors, are all two very distinct actions that you can separate

So yes, there's people who like porn but not hentai and vice versa.
Mind blown ... I guess?

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)14:12 No.49113 M P14R13

Is there any way to skip to the end or do you have to go through the entire story every time?
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