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>> Anonymous 11mar2017(sa)16:37 No.45030 OP P1

[IMG] cjis_gallery_8_3_2017.swf (8.07 MiB)
550x400, Compressed. 25 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>> mittsies 12mar2017(su)23:27 No.45093 A P2R1

this is pretty good

more straight animations than gay ones
this is how it should be, nowadays the author has turned to be a huge fag and rarely uploads some
straight animations

>> Anonymous 14mar2017(tu)10:59 No.46161 B P3R2

like all furries do

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)01:45 No.46197 C P4R3


Ain't you that guy who doesn't do vaginal action in his flashes?

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)01:45 No.46198 C P5


Calling the kettle black?

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)01:45 No.46199 C P6


Aren't you that guy who draws dickgirls half the time?

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)02:23 No.46200 D P7R4

aren't you the guy that gassed the jews?

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)03:34 No.46203 E P8R5

Aren't you that guy who stole my socks?

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)17:04 No.46239 F P9R6

aren't you the guy that killed obamacare?

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)17:17 No.46241 G P10R7

aren't you the guy who posted the horse pussy and the beef curtains flash

>> Anonymous 15mar2017(we)20:08 No.46249 H P11

All the users on SWFchan gathered at the same time in a single thread.
What a glorious moment in time!

>> Anonymous 19mar2017(su)01:08 No.46365 B P12R8

nah, that be rock candy

>> mittsies 19mar2017(su)11:34 No.46377 I P13R9

Aren't you the guy that's me?

>> Anonymous 19mar2017(su)16:22 No.46388 J P14R10

What a glorious duwang

>> Anonymous 19mar2017(su)18:50 No.46396 K P15R11

anon reporting in

>> Anonymous 19mar2017(su)19:30 No.46400 C P16R12


you OK reatard? I am wood
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