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This is resource MWYWQE8, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:22/3 -2017 14:11:07

Ended:22/3 -2017 20:49:59

Checked:23/3 -2017 03:33:45

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File: A MAGIC TRICK.swf-(4 KB, 550x400, Game)
[_] A guide for checking corners Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)09:08:34 No.3227255

>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:05:43 No.3227292

  dear Diary: today I learned something.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:18:46 No.3227293

  How do I resize it it closes when i click on the window

>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:30:09 No.3227297


>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:46:00 No.3227298

  what manner of sorcery is this

>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)15:28:24 No.3227313

  move screen on very corner....?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)15:47:55 No.3227316

  when you zoom in you can move the screen around so you need to go to the bottom.
  I later realized this flash is too small to be able to move it to the left or right (which you
  can, if you zoom in even more, but then the trick won't work), so just go to the bottom and
  resize the window again by pulling it down
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