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Ended:15/5 -2017 05:06:53

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File: A MAGIC TRICK.swf-(4 KB, 550x400, Game)
[_] follow the instructions Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)16:28:18 No.3244195

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)16:30:24 No.3244196

  instructions unclear.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)16:34:43 No.3244198

  Not at all retard and i already did it before.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)16:41:22 No.3244203

  no it really is unclear
  >on the very corner

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)16:52:38 No.3244210

  instructions unclear
  dick stuck in mayo jar

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)17:32:30 No.3244218

  Nothing happens?

  Nice fake flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)17:37:01 No.3244220

  That doesn't mean the instructions are clear.

>> [_] :3 05/14/17(Sun)17:41:20 No.3244221

  someone make a tutorial video for this flash plz

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)17:52:18 No.3244224

  Yeah, maybe I'm retarded but what the fuck does 'move screen on the very corner' mean?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)17:54:34 No.3244227

  Yes! I say Yes!

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)18:53:14 No.3244244

  just move it down
  this flash is so thin you can't move to the sides when you zoom in

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)19:03:25 No.3244248

  Thats so nice.
  I mean if thats a real flash used to propose ... Dayum I'd say fucking yes

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)19:58:49 No.3244265

  I can't zoom. It stays the same size.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)20:03:10 No.3244268

  Ok, so I figured it out. You're supposed to save it, and open it externally. Dumb but kinda neat.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)20:11:48 No.3244270

  it should work unless you're using chrome and it updated again and fucked up flash even more...

  also you don't watch flashes while embedded, do you?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)20:23:32 No.3244273

  Sometimes, but I know this would need to be opened in a new tab.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)21:16:02 No.3244292

  It'd be funny if the person being proposed to couldn't figure it out and the proposer was getting
  frustrated and so was the proposee and they got in an argument that continued to snowball and get
  worse and worse until they broke up and the chick went on to marry some rich guy and have
  beautiful children and a great life and the guy went on to hang himself after years of drinking
  and being lonely slowly losing all his friends and family members because they didn't want to be
  around a depressed alcoholic and his parents died of cancer. I'd laugh, anyway.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)21:32:03 No.3244299

  :v is actually a name of a frequent /f/ user
  you can see her here right now >>3244295

>> [_] :v 05/14/17(Sun)21:35:24 No.3244300

  I pretty much said no outright, but after /f/ having a brush with death I briefly reconsidered

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)21:39:06 No.3244303

  hi, iirc you said you just wanna be "/f/rens" which is more than acceptable
  >I mean it's not like I wanted to be married to an actual internet person or something

>> [_] :v 05/14/17(Sun)21:42:00 No.3244305

  look at me im a namefaggot with no tripcode

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)21:42:20 No.3244306

  Did you say no because of the proposal or because of other reasons or was it not a joke flash?
  I didn't make the connection because I'm stupid. Thank you.

>> [_] :v 05/14/17(Sun)22:00:13 No.3244322

  But you'll never be me
  I said no because I'm a lesbian desu
  Although, a /f/ proposal is pretty memorable

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)22:04:51 No.3244327

  make /u/ flashes

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)22:08:54 No.3244332

  nah, she's all about that /y/

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)22:14:26 No.3244337

  >women on 4chan
  ew gtfo this is a boys only club, also show tits on your way out

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)22:19:09 No.3244341

  show tits in flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/14/17(Sun)22:32:17 No.3244349

  /y/ is a-ok
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