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Discovered:21/4 -2017 09:19:37

Ended:21/4 -2017 20:47:20

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[_] fresh chill OC Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)03:16:24 No.3236397

  goodnight /f/

>> [_] :v 04/21/17(Fri)03:33:38 No.3236401

  a e s t h e t i c c c c c c

  >good morning

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)03:58:47 No.3236406

  fuck off

>> [_] :v 04/21/17(Fri)04:05:01 No.3236409


>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)06:42:38 No.3236426

  the ligthning in here is really ticking me off
  also the gif could go a bit slower because the song is slow too
  double also why the whole song? You made it way bigger than is necessary

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)06:44:45 No.3236427

  thakns for the feedback
  >why the whole song?
  its a really nice song

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)09:36:57 No.3236464

  Opening this and >>3236319 at the same time works REALLY well

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)10:05:34 No.3236466


  go back to where you came from.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)10:52:56 No.3236471

  That's where :v came from. Or he acts like it, anyway.
  Thanks, OP, for the OC without the blogpost and namefagging.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)11:23:10 No.3236476

  >knows where :v comes from
  >doesn't know it's a she

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:37:41 No.3236539

  honestly dude its really not hard to tell where the retard comes from. They're obviously off site

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:40:37 No.3236543

  >calling out namefags is now considered reddit
  I hate what this website has become

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:42:53 No.3236545

  I wouldn't know, I don't go "off site"
  seriously I haven't been to reddit or tumblr nor have I visited 9gag or funnyjunk back in the days

>> [_] Anonymous 04/21/17(Fri)14:44:35 No.3236550

  okay but when someone is even remotely as autistic as the fucking mentally damaged faggots that
  namefag on /f/ theres no way you can't tell they aren't from around here
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