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[_] I love you /f/ Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)09:45:29 No.3238639

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)10:28:58 No.3238649

  Is this just a full episode? Why?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)10:31:32 No.3238651

  >he didn't watched it till the end
  you wouldn't have asked this stupid question if you did

  it's a very poorly executed hood

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)11:23:20 No.3238674

  took way too long and /co/ should also fuck off

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)12:19:32 No.3238700

  You should feel ashamed, OP

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)12:23:12 No.3238705

  What the fuck is this shit? Is this the propaganda that they push on kids these days?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)12:33:37 No.3238714

  Yeah, it's too long for hood. Hoods have to tease something, this teases nothing.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)13:19:32 No.3238730

  This is not nearly the worst. This show is absolute cancer.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)13:29:34 No.3238731

  pls keep /f/ sjw free
  adventure time is tolerable to an extent but fuck this

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)15:01:26 No.3238750


>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)15:21:21 No.3238754

  nigga you did a bad job on this, you should've did the hood when the bitch opened her eyes back
  up at the beginning.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)15:34:38 No.3238759

  >I love you /f/
  then WHY would you do this to us?!
  Alright, hood was a noble gesture and all, but keep the nope factor down to just a few parts per

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)17:22:34 No.3238775

  That took for ever

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)18:00:54 No.3238784

  Its a cartoon, how is it 'sjw shit.'
  10/10 thank op, up to season 4 now :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)18:03:57 No.3238786

  You do not know how unfunny this swf is too someone who doesn't watch the show. Please don't post
  this kind of fanbase stuff here.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)18:05:23 No.3238787

  >I watch shit and don't know a thing about the creator of said shit but I'll keep up with the new
  seasons as often as I can
  >show involves genderless or andro characters and literally an episode of the mc mighty morphing
  with a girl

  you need to go back

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)18:21:39 No.3238794

  This is fucking awful. Reading the comment I guess there's a hood in there, but I wasn't able to
  make it that far.

  Thank god Zim is coming back. We need something to rinse the taste of this filth away.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)18:24:58 No.3238795

  >who are you quoting?
  boy merges with girl character to make 1 big human, boy+girl=?????
  wow who would have guessed, not like that makes sense or anything
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