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>> Anonymous 5feb2017(su)12:59 No.43853 OP P1

3DFuckHouse City of Sex Maniacs


[IMG] city_of_sex_maniacs.swf (2.26 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 5feb2017(su)14:41 No.43854 A P2R1

>awful controls
>repetetive and boring
>no real gallery
>kindergarten-level humor

Another quality production from 3dcuckhouse.

>> Anonymous 5feb2017(su)19:24 No.43865 B P3R2

literally the ONLY thing I'd need is a gallery from this and this is such shit I'm not even sure
I'd be interested

>> Anonymous 7feb2017(tu)02:24 No.43925 C P4R3

where mah roninsong at?

>> Anonymous 7feb2017(tu)13:03 No.43942 D P5R4

In the trash where it belongs.

>> Anonymous 8feb2017(we)13:50 No.43973 C P6R5

He was pretty dope, best one to come out of 3dcuckhouse.
Didn't you play Ai Subeki, or that sweets series?

>> Anonymous 8feb2017(we)14:04 No.43974 E P7

Yeah "it", his artstyle is laughably trash.
Just stick around, his shit gets spammed at least once a year on here.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)03:32 No.44415 F P8R6

Take a chill pill anon and gtfo, you are getting this shit for free. No point in yapping like a dog
who ate spiced up poop.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)04:30 No.44417 G P9R7

>upload shit daily
>people get sick of sorting through shit for good flashes
>lmao but its free entitled much?

Going to the dump and sorting out garbage is free too


>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)12:43 No.44436 E P10

Just fucking stop with your cancer "But this dogshit is free" argument.

>> Anonymous 22feb2017(we)15:51 No.44478 H P11R8

What is more disgusting is that people pay for this shit.

>> Anonymous 23feb2017(th)02:22 No.44505 C P12R9

And I take it, you didn't even read the board rules or care about them?
Why are you complaining about the quality of the community here if you can't even abide da rulez.
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