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>> EroPharaoh 17apr2017(mo)09:03 No.48395 OP P1

Summer's Birthday V0.2 (UPDATE!)

(updated April 17th, 2017)

Back with version 0.2. I'm still adding stuff when I get the chance!

v0.2 notes -
added 2 new partner characters,
added more options to "BREASTS",
added more contact buttons,
Fixed background quality on zoom,
fixed audio sync issues,
fixed audio volumes,
added effects toggle (for lower-end computers),
added preloader, removed MPB's "ooo-wee" (this was purely a technical issue with the added

If you like what I got, become my patron! :

[IMG] summerv0.2.swf (2.29 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 5 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 17apr2017(mo)22:58 No.48407 A P2R1

nice job! would be funny if you found some audio samples from the show that played at random times
(not too often) for the correct character that is showing. for example something like "damn it
summer" when rick is doing her, or something. er, well, keep at it anyway!

i'd advice you to change the patreon buttons to just donate buttons though, link to some web page
that then redirects to patreon. what if patreon decides to terminate your account all of a sudden?
better to link to a landing page that you can always edit and then provide further links from there

>> Anonymous 18apr2017(tu)02:55 No.48413 B P3R2

Definitely better. I would suggest an update to the breast name tag (underneath the selector) as it
gets stuck on "normal," but I assume that you are already working on that.

>> EroPharaoh 18apr2017(tu)07:58 No.48420 OP P4R3

That's one of the perks of releasing new versions over time - I can just change the button in a new
release! Plus I have a bunch of other links that I can update my payment information on. I'm very
careful about Patreon's rules - I think I'm safe since I don't have any of this content on there,
and that's really where the issues arise. It is a great idea, don't get me wrong, but it's
definitely something I'll do when I make enough to open a website...

I looked into this glitch, and it only seems to get stuck when using characters other than Mr.
Poopybutthole - I put the script for Mr. PB directly on the frame with the breasts, and the other
characters' scripts are within their own animation. The scripts for resetting Mr. PB's animation
when the breasts/clothing options change (to keep animation sync) are above the script for the
breasts and clothing, so when another character is selected the variables for Mr. PB are missing
and it stops the script short of changing the button's preference. Luckily the actual element of
the button remains; the boobs and clothing MCs change. This will be fixed, of course, thanks for
helping :)

>> Anonymous 18apr2017(tu)11:38 No.48426 C P5R4

Still no puffy vagina option...

>> EroPharaoh 18apr2017(tu)20:37 No.48435 OP P6R5

You still can't see the vagina. ;P

>> Anonymous 18apr2017(tu)23:06 No.48438 D P7R6

Where's the giant bear-albatros hybrid? Is that in the next version?

>> Anonymous 18apr2017(tu)23:06 No.48439 D P8


Where's the giant bear-octopus hybrid? Is that going to be included in the next version?

>> Anonymous 18apr2017(tu)23:20 No.48440 E P9R7

it will be complete when we can change the setting to the club, and the guy to morty

>> EroParaoh 19apr2017(we)00:16 No.48441 OP P10R8


The dream sex club?

>> Anonymous 19apr2017(we)00:53 No.48443 F P11R9

Not OP but please make this happen

>> EroParaoh 19apr2017(we)02:06 No.48444 OP P12R10

Caaaan do!

>> Anonymous 19apr2017(we)06:05 No.48445 G P13R11

I'm waiting on futa Beth.

>> EroParaoh 19apr2017(we)08:22 No.48449 OP P14R12

I'm working on it. :)

>> Anonymous 23apr2017(su)08:00 No.48605 H P15R13

>ANTS did ask for permission on his contentless patreon beforehand and was still banned for no
patricular reason
Just leaving this info here, OP.

>> EroPharaoh 23apr2017(su)10:38 No.48618 OP P16R14

Assuming you mean the admin SWFAnts, their Patreon wasn't labeled "Adult", and I believe that's why
it was removed. Even though it didn't have any adult content posted, I don't think they saw it as
okay since it was still connected to adult content. This is just my guess, since they specifically
said it wasn't labelled adult, and there are tons of adult content creators that have been
operating on Patreon for years.

Patreon has made it clear several times that they're okay with adult content. That wasn't the issue.

Thanks for bringing it up, though. :)

>> Anonymous 24apr2017(mo)07:38 No.48669 H P17R15

As far as I know, Patreon does have guidelines forbidding any sort of porn or such adult content
whatsoever, just that they adhere to them very arbitrarily. Only when money is in it for them to be
Also: I don't think they even realized that Ants' patreon was for this exact site and that it is
adult content, he said something among "his other projects".
I guess they just banned it because it looked fishy, when in fact he got an approval beforehand, as

Don't know how they stand about adult content in gerenal nowadays, but be careful with that site
anyway ;)

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 24apr2017(mo)20:49 No.48692 OP P18R16

Yikes. That's scary, I looked into it more and it IS very vague in their guidelines. I've seen some
adult artists on there for years though, so my fingers are crossed there aren't any
complications... I'm getting some commissions though, so that's most of my money right now
anyway...which is why v0.3 isn't done yet ;P
I'm hoping I can pay my bills with commissions, and use Patreon as a fall-back since commissions
can sometimes be few and far between....
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